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MCN History

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It's Our Anniversary

The Migrant Clinicians Network originally was founded in 1984 thanks to the efforts of three dedicated clinicians: Willa Hays, RN from Northwest Michigan Health Services, Inc.; Gail Stevens, RN from Delmarva Rural Ministries; and David Smith, then a physician at Brownsville Community Health Center. The three met at the 1984 Annual Migrant Health Conference in Padre Island. Willa, Gail, and David found a common link as they shared their feelings of personal isolation and dismay at the lack of migrant-specific resources available to clinicians. As a result, a grassroots clinical network consisting of clinicians dedicated to improved healthcare for migrant farmworkers came into being.

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MCN in Evolution

To explore the acheivements of MCN over the years, click through the presentation. Hover over right side of presentation for zoom function.