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Health Care

Cots in Austin: Visiting the Local Shelter for Harvey Evacuees

hundreds of empty cots


Breaking Health Disparities for Transgender Patients

hand outstretched with rainbow light


Shots: Immigrant Community Under Fire for Measles Outbreak. What Can Health Care Providers Do?

child getting vaccination


Do Health Centers Work?

health center clinician with patient


MCN Heads to Atlanta for Ventanilla de Salud Conference

National Conference 2017 Ventanilla de Salud


Dr. Marc Schenker, Migration & Health Advocate, Retires

Dr. Marc Schenker


Entre Hermanos: Bringing Latinx Pride to Seattle

physician holding patients hand with pride flag behind


In the Field: Top Five Ways of Reaching Vulnerable Immigrant Workers

Amy Liebman presenting on health care challenges reaching vulnerable immigrants


Tech and Ag: Using EHRs to Better Identify and Train Agricultural Workers on Occupational Exposures

physician at computer


Empowerment: CHWs Help Patients Combat Chronic Diseases



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