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Infectious Disease

MCN Comic: Working with farm animals: Keeping Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community Healthy

How Health Centers Can Tackle TB Infection, According to Dr. Zuroweste

Ed Zuroweste speaking at Washington State TB Educational Conference


Shots: Immigrant Community Under Fire for Measles Outbreak. What Can Health Care Providers Do?

child getting vaccination


High Index of Suspicion: Valley Fever in California’s Central Valley

Workers standing on dusty soil


Excerpt from New Issue of Streamline: What to do when a patient with active TB leaves the country and stops treatment?

mcn streamline spring summer 2017


[Editor's Note: Picture this: A woman arrives in South America from the US, and heads to the doctor. She's midway through her treatment for active tuberculosis -- until the doctor tells her she's fine and can stop treatment early. 

The High Cost of Closing Pennsylvania's Health Departments

patient getting blood pressure checked


Mosquito Season: Making the Critical Diagnosis



By Ed Zuroweste, MD, Co-Chief Medical Officer, Migrant Clinicians Network

In the Field: Screening All Adults on Ebeye Island

James and His Brother: A Health Network Case Study on TB and HIV Co-Infection

TB Still Kills: Deliana Garcia’s New Op-Ed Asks for More Recognition of TB As a Worldwide Health Threat

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