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MCN’S Project ECHO

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MCN Project Echo

Migrant Clinicians Network has spearheaded a number of ECHO projects to best utilize limited resources to effectively address the health needs of populations in rural and underserved areas, in areas where both health care accessibility and specialty care for patients, and educational opportunities and networking for clinicians are limited.






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What is the ECHO model?

Project ECHO is an innovative learning and knowledge sharing platform developed by the University of New Mexico Project ECHO. Through teleconferencing, telehealth technology, and clinical management tools, Project ECHO provides training, guidance, mentoring, and networking for clinicians in underserved areas, to help build speciality care capacity in the primary care model.

The ECHO model develops knowledge and capacity among community clinicians through:

  1. Case-based learning: Using case studies, expert specialists lead clinicians through cases they may encounter regarding the health concern at hand.
  2. Knowledge networks: Regularly scheduled teleclinics, led by expert specialists and community partners, provide opportunities for ongoing dialogue and troubleshooting over time.
  3. Learning loops: Clinicians encountering similar situations in the exam room can share their best practices and co-manage diverse patients in real world situations and practice.


MCN’s ECHO Projects

Currently, MCN runs three ECHO projects. Each one meets either monthly or bimonthly depending on participant need and availability.

  1. Next Step: An ECHO project for Medical Directors focused on clinical leadership at Federally Qualified Health Centers;
  2. Diabetes Self-Management: MCN supports community health workers (CHWs) and clinicians to better integrate diabetes self-management for vulnerable populations.
  3. Zika ECHO Clinic, Puerto Rico: In partnership with the Puerto Rico Primary Care Association, MCN created this effective way for Puerto Rico primary care clinicians  to address the Zika outbreak.


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project echo diabetes-self-management

El Proyecto ECHO de MCN Destaca la Diabetes

La clínica del MCN ECHO de la Diabetes proporciona un foro para la presentación y la discusión sobre los pacientes con la diabetes tipo I y la diabetes tipo II. Participando en estas sesiones será un equipo multidisciplinario de expertos en la diabetes incluyendo, especialistas en salud oral, diabetes durante el embarazo, trastornos de la conducta, y otras ramas de la atención médica, como expertos en la organización de la comunidad para la prevención, cuidado y auto manejo de la Diabetes.

Nuestro equipo multidisciplinario de instructores incluye médicos, enfermeras, educadores de la diabetes y otros miembros del equipo de salud, así como la participación de expertos en los programas de Manejo de la Diabetes y salud pública.

En la primera clínica, les presentaremos la clínica del ECHO su objetivos, expectativas y temas que estaremos abordando en la serie. Así como la introducción de un caso enfocado sobre cómo abordar la Diabetes mediante una dieta equilibrada e incorporar el ejercicios al estilo de vida. También les estaremos abordando el automanejo de la diabetes, un programa basado en la evidencia médica, es decir, programas que han demostrado que ayudan al paciente a bajar su Ig A1C.

Participantes también tendrán una oportunidad para la presentación de pacientes con esta condición.




Project ECHO Highlight: Zika ECHO Clinic, Puerto Rico

MCN’s newest Project ECHO addresses the Zika virus at the primary care level in Puerto Rico, where clinicians throughout the island are grappling with how to best manage patients exposed to and diagnosed with the now-widespread virus. In close partnership with Daniel Ramos, MPHE, the Director of MCN’s ECHO project in Puerto Rico and the Director of Asociación de Salud Primaria de Puerto Rico, MCN is supporting seven clinics throughout the island. Clinicians meet once a month to learn how the virus is affecting nearby communities and how clinicians are addressing problems in diagnosis and treatment. Through this project, MCN brings experts in the field together, provides a space and time for clinicians to share resources, strategies and information, and creates networking and collaboration solutions. For information specifically about the MCN Zika ECHO clinic please contact Ileana Ponce-Gonzalez, MD, MPH. 

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