MCN's Immunization Initiatives

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The Immunization Initiative at the Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) is devoted to promoting and improving childhood, adolescent, and adult immunization coverage levels among migrant and other mobile underserved populations.

MCN and the Immunization Initiative provides training and technical assistance to Migrant Community Health Centers, Migrant Health Start Centers, Migrant Education Programs, employers, and state and local health departments to manage complex cultural issues of mobile underserved populations and in strategies to reach them and help minimize the barriers to full immunizations.

The Immunization initiative also develops popular-educational materials and resources which are culturally and linguistically appropriate; and in an easy to understand format. The materials assist clinicians in educating and encouraging migrants to get vaccinated and to vaccinate their children.

For technical assistance please contact Jennie McLaurin, MD, MPH, MCN's Child Health Specialist.

Immunization educational materials:

The Pepin Comic Book Series

IMAGE: Pepin Comic book coverIMAGE: Pepin Comic book cover The Pepin Comic Book animated series covers seven immunization topics: Td, Chickenpox, MMR, DTaP, Hep A, Hep B, and After the Shot. These low literate, popular education materials are available in English and Spanish to help clinicians educate parents about the importance of getting their children vaccinated.  Click here and scroll down for a list of links to all the books in the series.

Guide to Recommended Vaccines for Recent Immigrants from Mexico

IMAGE: Migrant guide to vaccinationsRecommended Vaccines for Recent Immigrants from Mexico provides recommendations for clinicians offering vaccines to non high-risk recently arrived Mexican immigrants, by age, to bring them up to date with the US recommendations.