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Juliana Simmons, MSPH, CHES

Juliana Simmons's picture
MCN - Non-Profit
Baltimore, MD

Juliana Simmons, MSPH, CHES, is thrilled to be serving as MCN’s Environmental and Occupational Health Program Manager. Since joining MCN in 2014, Ms. Simmons has enjoyed coordinating various grant-funded programs focused on environmental health and worker health and safety. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to represent MCN at various national conferences to raise awareness about the importance of environmental and occupational health in the context of improving health outcomes for mobile populations.

Ms. Simmons first became interested in migrant health during her undergraduate career at Salisbury University. After a four-month internship managing an after-school program for rural youth in Peru, Ms. Simmons returned to Salisbury with a renewed interest in the intersection of migration and health. Ms. Simmons served as an intern with MCN during her final year of college, and then moved to Baltimore to pursue a Master’s degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University. Ms. Simmons is a certified health education specialist, and enjoyed providing childhood safety education to urban populations during her time at Hopkins. While completing her degree, Ms. Simmons also worked at a domestic violence shelter, providing counseling to individuals experiencing intimate partner violence.

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