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2019 Clinician Poll

Please take a moment to fill in our short five-question poll.

For the last two years, your responses have helped us better serve and connect health centers serving immigrants and other vulnerable and underserved populations. The results, cited by the New York Times, demonstrated that changes in perception among our patients and clients were widespread. (Please note: We welcome first-time respondents. Previous participation in the poll is not required.)

What has changed in the last year? Please fill out our short poll -- and share this poll with your colleagues.

If yes, MCN will contact you to follow up on the parameters under which you’d like to be contacted, to assure your needs are met. Please note: MCN will never share your contact information until these parameters are agreed upon. Learn more about MCN’s approach to media inquiries here.

This poll has been paid for by generous contributions from clinicians, health justice advocates, and MCN supporters. Please support our work on the intersection of social justice, migration, and health -- make an individual donation to MCN today.

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