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Five on Friday | October 07, 2016

MCN Five on Friday

You know what bugs me? When all my favorite bloggers remind me that I should really forgo the Snickers and buy Fair Trade candy for Halloween… on October 29th, when it’s impossible to find at the stores and far too late to order. I often think ahead to make sure my purchases line up with my values, and Halloween is no different. So, here is your official reminder! Pick up some Fair Trade chocolates this week! (Learn more about cacao and child labor here, see more on Fair Trade and buy some treats here, or see a bigger selection here.) Then comes the Herculean task of avoiding the consumption of the entire bag of chocolates as it waits in my cupboard for three weeks...Wish me luck. In the meantime, here are a few articles, a video and some resources that made the rounds at the MCN office. What did you enjoy this week? Share your inspiring social justice story on our Facebook or Twitter.



  1. Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, emphasized that “it is good to see that EPA does not seem interested in delaying the implementation of the WPS,” as demonstrated in this article, “EPA Declines Farmers' Quid Pro Quo on Pesticide Worker Rule.

  2. Del, Director of International Projects, Research, and Development, found this video and article inspiring: “Astronaut Jose Hernandez Reflects on His Beginnings as a Farmworker.” (Double bonus points for a media outlet highlighting the strength of the migrant farmworker work ethic! In this political season, it seems rare.)

  3. Leslie, Health Network Associate, invited us to next week’s Binational Health Week events with the Ventanilla de Salud in Austin. The schedule is in English and Spanish. She encouraged those of us in Texas forward to our own networks.

  4. Karen, CEO, shared with us her “new favorite TED talk,” entitled, “The Unexpected Benefit of Celebrating Failure.” (Those of us who know Karen well aren’t surprised that this is her choice!) 

  5. Jessica, Grant Writer, shared this Mother Jones article: New Report: Poor Americans of Color Drink Filthy Water and Breathe Poisonous Air.


Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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