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Five on Friday | April 21, 2017

MCN Five on Friday


Happy Earth Day! Mobile patient health and the health of our planet are intimately connected. Planetary health is a field of study dedicated to better understanding the interconnectedness between the human and natural systems. The Lancet’s new Planetary Health journal focuses exclusively on the topic. In what ways does planetary health come into your practice?

Back to Five on Friday: Here at MCN, many articles and resources cross our desks each week about health. Here are a few that we’d like to share.


  1. Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, listened to this lecture earlier this week. “Very important to understand more about Neonicotinoid pesticides and their effect on human health,” she said

  2. Candace, Specialist in Clinical Systems and Women’s Health, shared Farmworker Justice’s new bulletin, focused on health technology for mobile populations. On April 26th, FJ will offer a webinar on the topic. 

  3. Candace also emailed saying, “This is one worth celebrating...our declining infant mortality rate. Check out the link to the CDC report and the graphs that show how low those rates are for Latinos.”

  4. Claire, Writer and Editor, pulled out this quote from a recent StatNews op-ed on Zika: "Just 65 percent of babies born to mothers who tested positive for Zika were themselves tested for it, and only 25 percent received brain scans — despite recommendations that 100 percent of such babies be tested."

  5. Theressa, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, reminded us that April is Donate Life Month.


Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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