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New MCN Poll: What Are Your Patients Experiencing, and What Do You Need?

keeping safe on the horse farm

Clinicians throughout the US have been contacting us to express concerns about some of their immigrant patients who are reporting new fears and struggles and a consequential reluctance to access health services.

In order to help you best serve immigrants in our communities, we would like to understand what is happening on the frontlines. Your input will guide us in providing you with the necessary tools and resources to support you as you care for your patients. We also wish to push out your stories through social media to help humanize the struggle for health justice for the mobile poor.

Please take a few minutes to answer our five questions. We also ask you to pass this announcement along to your colleagues who serve immigrant and/or mobile patients in a clinical setting.


click here for clinician poll  Haga clic aquí para la encuesta del clínico

Click here for CHW/Health Advocate Poll  Haga clic aquí para CHW / Encuesta de defensa de la salud


You may fill it out anonymously if you prefer. Thank you for sharing these stories and serving the most vulnerable in our communities.


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