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Five on Friday: The Elderly Lack Protection Against the Flu and the Results of MCN’s Protecting Children Project

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MCN Five on Friday


The flu makes its appearance not just in this week’s Five on Friday recommendations -- it’s responsible for the slowdown of our dear blog! But we’ll be back and in full force next week. For now, I’ve pushed aside the ginger tea and tissues box to pull up the top five recommendations from MCN this week. Enjoy and stay healthy!




Current Flu Vaccine Does Not Protect Elderly


two old women in nursing home


Karen, CEO, forwarded a news article on the elderly’s lack of protection against the flu, based on the most recent MMWR from the CDC on influenza vaccination efficacy, which stands at 36 percent.




If Farmers Paid for Childcare, Would it Bring Workers Back to the Fields?


crib mobile with tracktor and rake


Corey, Communications and Graphic Designer, shared an article with great graphics focused on the results of MCN’s Protecting Children project, which explores how to keep children safe while parents work in the fields




Depopulation Threatens Puerto Rico


woman and two kids sitting on couch looking unwell


Alma, Senior Program Manager of Environmental and Occupational Health, sent an article entitled, “Depopulation threatens Puerto Rico.” 




EPA Settles Syngenta Pesticide Claim For Pennies On The Dollar


Syngenta building


Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, forwarded “EPA Settles Syngenta Pesticide Claim For Pennies On The Dollar.” 




How to Teach Childbirth Classes with a Balloon


woman holding inflated balloon


Ed, Co-Chief Medical Officer, shared this “great video on how to teach childbirth classes.” Enjoy!


Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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