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Five on Friday: Refugees Seek Asylum

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Five on Friday: Refugees Seek Asylum


As we roll into the weekend, we’d like to offer up some of the interesting news pieces that arrived in our inboxes this week. What did you see this week? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.



1 Fideicomiso de Salud Pública de Puerto Rico


Marysel sent the announcement of a new Puerto Rico Public Health Trust: “Unen esfuerzos para adelantar temas de salud pública.”

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2 Migrants overwhelm Texas cities


Karen forwarded, “'We’ve never seen anything like this': As Trump threatens to close border, migrants overwhelm Texas cities.

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3 The providers trailer


Karen is looking forward to the PBS special, “The Providers,” which covers the clinicians at a rural health center in New Mexico, and airs on Monday, April 8th.


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4 You have no jurisdiction over me


Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Candace shared “ICE Arrest Foiled By Activist Who Knows The Law: ‘You Have No Jurisdiction Over Me’”. Del responded with a cautionary note from immigrant attorneys that advice people of color to avoid such a strategy.

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5 CHWs reduce hospitalization


Alma in Massachusetts offered the press release on new research out of Penn State: “Community Health Workers Can Reduce Hospitalizations by 65 Percent and Double Patient Satisfaction with Primary Care.”


Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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