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Five on Friday: National Heat Awareness Day

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Five on Friday: National Heat Awareness Day


Today is National Heat Awareness Day. As we roll into the summer, with the Southwest already experiencing a significant heat wave, let’s take a moment to read up on the news, resources, and information around heat-related illness, with our five recommendations from MCN staff.



Safeguarding Summer


Alma sent along the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards’ “Safeguarding Summer”, which highlights the dangers of heat on workers, infants and animals, among other summer-related threats (see pages 7 and 13 for heat-specific measures).

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Climate Action to protect health


Claire sent around (one more time!) the New England Journal of Medicine article, “The Imperative for Climate Action to Protect Health,” which reminds clinicians that the best way to prevent the growth of heat-related illnesses is to step up to reduce climate change.

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It's Hot and It's Dangerous


Giovanni sent out MCN’s announcement of our two upcoming webinars for Community Health Workers, “¡Hace mucho calor y es peligroso!” on June 25th in Spanish, and “It’s Hot and It’s Dangerous!” on June 27th in English.


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Kidney disease and high heat


Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Jillian’s recent share, “Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemic May Be Result of High Heat, Toxins,” is another reminder that high heat can cause ongoing health concerns for agricultural workers.

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Push for heat standards


Kate shared, “Will OSHA Bring The Heat This Summer? Groups Continue To Press For Heat Standards.


Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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