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Five on Friday: Challenges of False-negative COVID-19 Tests

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A clinician giving someone a test for COVID-19

Friday has arrived! Many in our clinical network around the country have been very hard at work and outside of work to serve patients, support the community, and fight for justice. MCN’s Witness to Witness has offered resources and webinars about stress, grief, and support in recent weeks that are now available on our site. Stay safe and healthy as you continue your important work! 


Clinician takes sample from patient for COVID-19 test

Laz forwarded on an article, “False-Negative COVID-19 Tests: Challenges and Implications,” and Ed followed up with the original New England Journal of Medicine perspective piece of a similar name, “False Negative Tests for SARS-CoV-2 Infection — Challenges and Implications.” 

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A mural of George Floyd

Jillian sent around “George Floyd's Autopsy and the Structural Gaslighting of America.”

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Clinicians gathered wearing PPE

Amy shared, “Optimism, Not Evidence, is Driving America’s Return-to-Work Strategy."

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An image of papers with the word 'Retracted' on top

Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Here's an article sent by Laz, who says,“the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine retracted studies on hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19, as the raw data was unavailable to try to reproduce the same conclusions independently.” 

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People walk past a newly painted mural

Weekly Win: We have a confession here at Five on Friday: We don’t always have a lot of good news stories to choose from for this segment of our blog post. This week, we had to send out a prompt to beg MCN staff for a weekly win – and then the good times began to roll. Deliana celebrated Stop TB USA’s announcement that a child-friendly bedaquiline is now available in the Global Drug Facility. Giovanni shared ProPublica’s call to action for federal employees to share what kind of PPE they receive at work. Kaethe shared photos of the Black Lives Matter murals that have been painted across boarded up buildings in downtown Oakland to support the protestors and the community. And Ashley-Michelle forwarded on the announcement that New Zealand has zero active COVID-19 cases. Keep the good news coming!


Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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