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Five on Friday: Migration Driven By Climate Crisis

Five on Friday: Migration Driven By Climate Crisis

MCN staff were eager to share articles covering a range of topics this Friday!


People getting on a bus

Amy shares two articles that demonstrate how the immediate devastation from our climate crisis ripples throughout Central America. Poverty, hunger and complete loss of hope is driving migration.

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Vaccine safety graph

Kaethe shared this article, ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Safety: Side Effects, Risks, Reactions’, which discusses side effects of COVID-19 vaccines and their frequency. The article contains a graphic that depicts just how in-frequently serious negative side effects occur.

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A sad person

Karen sent an article on the affects COVID-19 could have on a patient’s brain, including insomnia and anxiety: ‘How Covid Affects Mental Health and Brain After Recovery Long-Term.’

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US COVID performance in US

Kaethe shared another piece on the success Vermont has had with COVID-19, and demonstrates improvement is needed in the US’s overall response to COVID-19: ‘Study: Vermont ranks best in Covid-19 response. Globally, US ranks near bottom.’

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A graphic of the video title

Weekly Win: Alma shared this video from Episcopal Farmworker Ministry (EFWM) based in Dunn, North Carolina. EFWM works with agricultural workers, (farmworkers, meat processing plant workers, and workers from nurseries, packing houses and poultry, swine, or livestock farms), and immigrant families in Eastern rural NC, to coordinate direct services, leadership programs, community education programs, and advocacy in support of the community. EFWM also has a disaster response program, hosts vaccination events, and does advocacy. One of their most important projects is their Promotores program, where community members help their community get accurate information about the vaccine. The promotores filmed a short video about their experience getting the vaccine. We hope you enjoy it!



Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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