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Take MCN’s 2021 Poll: What Is Changing for Immigrant & Migrant Patients?

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Take MCN’s 2021 Poll: What Is Changing for Immigrant & Migrant Patients?


A recent study shows that, as former President Trump developed his presidential campaign’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, immigrants and migrants who lack authorization to live and work in the US began to avoid health care. Shortly thereafter, there was an increase in emergency room visits for children from families without authorization. Instead of addressing concerning health issues earlier, which typically costs less and for which treatment is frequently more effective, the families delayed care, which necessitated an emergency room visit. 

Fear and anxiety among immigrant and migrant patients have been an ongoing theme in our annual Taking a Pulse poll. For four years, Migrant Clinicians Network has heard from clinicians around the country about interrupted health care access, avoidance of care out of fear or out of concerns of jeopardizing immigration status, and more.

What has changed this year? As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, and as the Biden Administration shifts the rhetoric around immigration and pushes for policies to protect immigrants, migrants, and refugees, how is health care access affected?

Please take our short poll and share it with your colleagues.

It is open to any US-based clinician, including health promoters, outreach workers, and community health workers. It is open to first-time poll takers as well as those who have taken our poll in the past. The poll is available in English and Spanish. We estimate that it will take you about four to eight minutes to complete.

The poll is available in English and Spanish.

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