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Five on Friday: Health Promoters Help Latinos Get Vaccinated

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Five on Friday: Health Promoters Help Latinos Get Vaccinated

Is it Friday already!? This shorter work week has not hindered the flow of articles amongst MCN staff. Below we have shared a few of our favorites.


A farm and field

Claire shared this article, featuring MCN’s Amy Liebman: While State of Emergency is Lifted, Some Say Food and Farm Protections Are Still Needed. The article, stresses the need for a move towards legislation that would ensure food and farm workers in Maryland, many of whom are migrants, are protected beyond rules that were put in place for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Health Promoter speaking to a crowd

Amy shared an NPR article highlighting promotoras who are helping Maryland reach Latinx communities. Read the article here: Meet Maryland's Secret Weapon In The Battle To Close The Latino Vaccination Gap.

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A camp of refugees

‘It’s a Mission’: Volunteers Treat Refugees Massing at the Border, an article shared by Kaethe, overviews the environments many refugees are forced to endure while waiting to enter the U.S. Limited food and water, often no electricity, and extremely limited healthcare, except for volunteer clinicians whose offices are maxed, create ideal situations for COVID-19 to spread among refugees. 

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Cows in a field

Amy shared a new paper by her and her colleagues that outlines the results of a survey which depict the COVID-19 awareness and environment among Minnesota and Wisconsin dairy farms, as well as how COVID-19 has influenced the industry. Access it here: COVID-19 Awareness and Preparedness of Minnesota and Wisconsin Dairy Farms.

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A person receiving a vaccination

Weekly Win: Jillian shared this NPR article, sent to her by a colleague, which reports on the increase in vaccination rates among Latinx populations across the U.S., even while other population’s vaccination rates are at a standstill. Read the article to find out how promotoras are helping: Health Promoters Help Latinos Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19.



Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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