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Five on Friday: Clinicians' Human Rights

Five on Friday: Clinicians' Human Rights

March is here, and spring is making a beautiful debut in many fields and farms around the country – while holding back in other parts.  As you head toward the weekend, whether into inches of snow or into high pollen counts, we invite you to read five articles that MCN staff shared this week, including a double dose of our weekly win.


How to talk to Mami and Papi logo

Claire shared the podcast “Talk to Mami and Papi,” covering ways that people can talk about hot-button topics (including on the pandemic, on sending money home, and intimate partner violence) with their immigrant parents.

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A woman receives the COVID-19 vaccine

Laz reminded us with this New York Times article that “many vaccines will briefly give you tender, swollen lymph nodes, which usually means your immune system is gearing up...a good thing.”

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A person in mask working at computer

Marcy shared a piece about a colleague of hers on an important topic to reduce language barriers through state mandates: “WSU Professor Champions Legislation Ensuring Kansas Hospitals Have Qualified Interpreters.”

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Clinicians stand with signs

Karen shared two new pieces from Physicians for Human Rights: Silenced and Endangered: Clinicians’ Human Rights and Health Concerns about Their Facilities’ Covid-19 Response, a new report, and PHR’s open letter to President Biden on what vaccine equity would look like.

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Dolly Parton Receiving vaccination

Double Weekly Win: Let’s add a little levity to our Five on Friday with a double weekly win. Ed shared the video of Dolly Parton getting her COVID-19 vaccine, including the singer’s update of her smash hit, “Jolene” -- oh yes, she did change the lyric to “Vaccine.” Ashley-Michelle enjoyed the Newsweek article that covers the CDC’s various materials on emergency preparedness – no, not for earthquakes, climate change, hurricanes, or wildfires, but for zombies. (It’s a publicity stunt for the CDC to get more people into paying attention to emergency preparedness. Hopefully it works!) 



Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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