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Five on Friday: Weekly Win Edition

Five on Friday: Weekly Win Edition

Every week, we bring you five pieces -- articles, resources, podcasts, research papers, videos, posters, you name it – that MCN staff members found helpful in their work, and that we hope you find helpful, too. A few years ago, we heard from a frequent reader that sometimes our Five on Friday could be a bit of a downer, so we instituted the Weekly Win, ensuring one piece a week, at least, could make you pump your fist in the air in celebration. This week, we observed the one-year anniversary of the declaration of the pandemic. It’s been a long, exhausting, heartbreaking year. And yet, as we enter the second year, there’s lots to celebrate. This week, we decided we could all use a Five on Friday: Weekly Win Edition. All five pieces mark a step forward on the path to health justice. Time to celebrate!


Protecting Immigrant Families Logo

Weekly Win 1: Del shared the fabulous news that the Public Charge rule has been permanently blocked, nationwide. Protecting Immigrant Families, which has provided excellent resources and updates throughout the fight against public charge, has already created a fact sheet, and will be producing more materials for advocates and clinicians in the coming days. For now, it’s important to begin communicating that using public services like health care cannot jeopardize their citizenship prospects. 

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A black farmer wears a mask in the field

Weekly Win 2: Kaethe shared the Counter article, “COVID-19 Stimulus Bill to Provide $4 Billion in Debt Relief for Black Farmers, Other Farmers of Color.”

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A man receives a vaccination from a clinician

Weekly Win 3: Claire shared, “Community Health Centers Fulfill Niche in Vaccination Effort,” celebrating efforts to reach out to those who might otherwise be left behind in Lowell, MA.

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A graph of COVID-19 deaths per country

Weekly Win 4: Candace shared the New York Times article the explores the good news that many regions in Africa and Asia were not as hard hit by COVID-19, despite significantly fewer resources than richer areas in the US or Europe: “A Covid Mystery.”

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Screenshots of the 50 videos

Weekly Win 5: Del shared We > COVID and Black Coalition Against COVID’s new campaign, which launched with this nicely done 50 FAQ videos by Black health care workers responding to commonly asked questions about the vaccines



Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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