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Climate Change

Heat, Climate, Farmworkers, and Health: A Summer 2019 Update

Blue Tarps: Puerto Rico, Hurricane Season, and Vulnerable Populations

In the Field: Puerto Rico Communities Build On Lessons Learned from Maria

Resilience: Puerto Rico Conference Shows Post-Maria Shift in Emergency Preparedness Leadership

Climate Change: New England Journal of Medicine Asks Clinicians to Act

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Dr. Ed Zuroweste: What is a climate migrant, and how do we care for them?

Ed Zuroweste treats elderly woman


Puerto Rico: Strengthening Relationships, Building Community to Prepare for the Next Disaster

From Maria to Michael: How Communities Can Respond After Disaster

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CSM helping after Maria
(photo by CSM)

By Marysel Pagán Santana, MS, DrPHc, MCN’s Puerto Rico Program Manager

Post-Florence: Hog Waste Contaminates the Floodwaters, and Disaster Expert Chip Hughes Looks Ahead to Clean-up

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(Photo by: Sandy Millar)

Reprint | Response from the Field: Dr. Jose Rodriguez on Hurricane Deaths in Puerto Rico

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[Editor's Note: Experts on the ground agree with the medical publication: the death toll from Maria was devastating. In this interview from May, Dr. Jose O. Rodriguez, Family Medicine Specialist and Medical Director of General Hospital Castañer in Puerto Rico explains why so many people died in the wake of Hurricane Maria.]

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