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Emergency Preparedness

“Building the Plane Mid-Air”: A Local Perspective, A Year After the Camp Fire

A photo of Molly Jolliff

By Molly Jolliff

The Puerto Rico Public Health Trust and Migrant Clinicians Network announce partnership with Puerto Rico Community Health Centers for emergency preparedness

Community Mobilization in Puerto Rico: East Coast Migrant Stream Forum Plenary Session

Two Year Anniversary of Hurricane Maria: Community Mobilization After Maria is Key to Addressing Climate Crisis, Says MCN’s Marysel Pagán Santana

CSM went door-to-door checking on their patients after Hurricane Maria.
[CSM went door-to-door checking on their patients after Hurricane Maria.]

Blue Tarps: Puerto Rico, Hurricane Season, and Vulnerable Populations

In the Field: Puerto Rico Communities Build On Lessons Learned from Maria

Resilience: Puerto Rico Conference Shows Post-Maria Shift in Emergency Preparedness Leadership

Social Determinants of Health, Disaster Preparation, and PRAPARE: Streamline's New Issue

Streamline Winter 19


Puerto Rico: Strengthening Relationships, Building Community to Prepare for the Next Disaster

New Streamline Article: Hypertension During Disasters -- Lessons from Puerto Rico

CSM treats patients

(Photo by CSM)

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