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Emergency Preparedness

Blue Tarps: Puerto Rico, Hurricane Season, and Vulnerable Populations

In the Field: Puerto Rico Communities Build On Lessons Learned from Maria

Resilience: Puerto Rico Conference Shows Post-Maria Shift in Emergency Preparedness Leadership

Social Determinants of Health, Disaster Preparation, and PRAPARE: Streamline's New Issue

Streamline Winter 19


Puerto Rico: Strengthening Relationships, Building Community to Prepare for the Next Disaster

New Streamline Article: Hypertension During Disasters -- Lessons from Puerto Rico

CSM treats patients

(Photo by CSM)

On the Path to Health Justice: Marysel Pagán Santana

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Marysel Pagan Santana at the ASHCA

By Claire Hutkins-Seda

From Maria to Michael: How Communities Can Respond After Disaster

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CSM helping after Maria
(photo by CSM)

By Marysel Pagán Santana, MS, DrPHc, MCN’s Puerto Rico Program Manager

Post-Florence: Hog Waste Contaminates the Floodwaters, and Disaster Expert Chip Hughes Looks Ahead to Clean-up

Pigs behind fence

(Photo by: Sandy Millar)

Emergency Preparedness in Puerto Rico: New MCN Project

CSM visiting residents
Photo by CSM

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