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Five on Friday

Five on Friday: New Social Determinants Infographic and Sarbanand Farm Workers Protest After Employee Death

MCN Five on Friday


It’s mid-August, and harvests are in full swing across the country. In the offices of Migrant Clinicians Network, we have been sharing a number of interesting articles and resources that we’d like to share with you. Here’s this week’s Five on Friday:


Five on Friday: Pesticide poisonings in Watsonville and a day in the field with immigration enforcers in California

MCN Five on Friday


August is here! Only a few more days of peace before the rush of back-to-school madness. As you settle into your quiet August weekend, take a moment to read some of the news articles, reports, and opinion pieces that MCN staff sent around this week. What did you read that we should include? Let us know on Facebook.


Five on Friday | July 28, 2017: New NACHC Health Center Chartbook and the Women Confronting California’s Farm Conditions

MCN Five on Friday


Hot July evenings lend themselves well to an iced tea and a paperback.  What’s on your summer reading list? Has a health justice title made the cut? Let us know on Facebook! In the meantime, here are a few good reads, recommended by MCN staff.


Five on Friday | July 21, 2017: Groups sue U.S. for turning away asylum seekers, and women on the run from IPV

MCN Five on Friday


Five on Friday | July 14, 2017: Unaccompanied minor's new book, plus strengthening a Lakota community

mcn five on friday


July is prime picnic time. What do you have in your basket? After you spread out the blanket and the fixings, you can take a minute to relax and read some updates in health justice for the mobile poor, as recommended by MCN staff.

Five on Friday | July 7, 2017: Afraid immigrants forgo healthcare and health centers key to violence prevention

MCN Five on Friday


Whew, it’s hot out there. Time to head to the lake or the pool or the beach… Wherever you take refuge from the heat, be sure to bring along some good reading about health justice. Here are a few suggestions from MCN staff:


Five on Friday | June 30, 2017: Williams Unified helps students graduate, and Libya's deadliest route

MCN Five on Friday


Fourth of July weekend is upon us!  As we celebrate Independence Day this coming week, let’s toast to the work that we do collectively as clinicians and advocates to serve the marginalized portions of our society -- in hopes of bringing a brighter, healthier, more equitable future to all people living in this incredible country of immigrants.


Five on Friday | June 23, 2017: Deportation panic, Paul Farmer and an introduction to skin cancer

MCN Five on Friday


We’re enjoying the long summer days! Before you grab the swim goggles and the beach towels, why not peruse the top five recommendations from MCN staff? We collect relevant news, resources, and announcements to keep you updated in the world of health justice for the mobile poor. 


Five on Friday | June 16, 2017: Housing shortages, addiction, and crackdown posing health risks

MCN Five on Friday


Away we go into another weekend! What’s on your weekend reading list? Won’t you incorporate a few suggestions from Migrant Clinicians Network? Here are a few pieces that we sent to each other this week, relating to the world of health justice for the mobile and underserved.


Five on Friday | June 9, 2017

MCN Five on Friday


Summer is pouring its bounty into farmer’s markets across the country -- the days are getting hot. For clinicians, now is a great time to remind outdoor worker patients of the risk of heat stress and how to prevent it. How do you adjust your conversations with patients as the seasons wear on? Let us know on Facebook


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