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Health Care

MCN’s Fifth Annual Women’s Conference: Empowerment, Community Organizing at the Mexican Consulate

Participants raise hands as part of presentation at 5th annual women's conference


Mary Englerth, PA, Clinical Hero in Pennsylvania, Retires

MCN's Dr. Laszlo Madaras with Mary Englerth
[MCN's Dr. Laszlo Madaras with Mary Englerth, PA]

In the Field: Binational Health Week Kickoff with Ventanilla de Salud, Austin

Leer en espanol button

Dancers perform at the BHW 19 event

By Luis Edwardo Retta, Health Network Associate

Health Care is a Human Right: MCN’s Statement on Finalized Public Charge Rule

Changes to Health Care Rights Law Endanger Health of My Patients

35 Years of Caring: Celebrating Karen Mountain, RN, MCN's Leader and Defender of Health Justice

Diabetes Clinical Teams: Q&A with Kevin Alfaro-Martinez, Eva Galvez, MD, and Sarah Deines, PharmD, from Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

Kevin Alfaro-Martinez and Eva Galvez stand in front of health center.

Kevin Alfaro-Martinez and Eva Galvez stand in front of health center.

Blue Tarps: Puerto Rico, Hurricane Season, and Vulnerable Populations

Diabetes, Disasters, Late Night Outreach: The Life of a Migrant & Neighborhood Health Nurse in North Carolina

Greene County Health Care Staff

[The Greene County Health Care staff. Gena Byrd is third from the right.]

Ghettoization of the Migrant Population: Perspective from Dr. John Ghertner

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