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In the Field: Ricardo Garay Brings Health Network to New Mexico


Last week, Ricardo Garay, MCN’s Health Network Manager arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for multiple presentations and meetings at the Midwest Stream Farmworker Health Forum, followed by a clinical site training to a New Mexico hospital on Health Network.

Health Network Video #3: What Patients Can Expect

Health Network Video #2: How To Set Up Health Network in Your Clinic

Last month, we launched a video to give an overview of Health Network, our bridge case management system, which helps mobile patients continue their treatment, whether they move from California to Idaho, or to another country. 

Remembering MCN's Homero Segovia


Health Network Video Release

Health Network is a bridge case management system that helps thousands of mobile patients get care as they move... But how does it work, and how do clinicians take part?

Watch our brand-new two-minute video to learn why Health Network is essential for health clinics serving mobile patients, what services we provide, and how to enroll.

National Farmworker Health Day: A celebration of migrant clinicians across the country, a review of how far we’ve come, and a reminder of the work that remains

FarmworkersToday is National Farmworker Health Day, sponsored by the National Association of Community Health Centers. And, while we celebrate the 50-year-long and thriving partnership between health centers and farmworkers, we still have a long way to go. 

A Clinical Perspective on Compassion: Dr. Ed Zuroweste discusses the import of compassion in health care, the publication of Sir Elton John’s letter on compassion and AIDS patients



Five on Friday | July 24, 2015

Five on Friday July 24, 2015The offices of Migrant Clinicians Network are spread out over several states, the main one being in Austin, TX, and the other very small “satellite” offices on both West and East Coasts. Each of our Five on Friday posts documents the news and notes that we share with each other, which keep us closely engaged despite thousands of miles between us. Today’s offerings come from Texas, Maryland, and Washington State. 

From the Field: Workers and Health at Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida[Editor’s Note: Last month, Kerry Brennan, MCN’s Environmental and Occupational Health Program Associate, joined Amy Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, and Dr. Ed Zuroweste, MCN’s Chief Medical Officer, for a training at Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida, in Immokalee.

Updating Statistics on TB Patients: Q&A with Dr. Ed Zuroweste

Health NetworkThis week, MCN updated Health Network statistics with its newly-crunched data on tuberculosis patients whose cases were managed by Health Network in 2013.

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