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What Patients Need to Know: Deportation

MCNMany clinicians are concerned for their patients’ well-being during the current US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) enforcement and removal operations. In the interest of keeping patients and clinicians well informed, we offer the following list of resources on the rights, responsibilities, and protections of individuals during this process.

MCN’s 2015 Year in Advocacy Review

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Five on Friday | December 11, 2015

MCN Five on FridayAnother very busy week! Even with the holidays now upon us, we at MCN are still at full speed ahead, fighting for health justice for the mobile poor. Here is a handful of articles that we at MCN found informative and eye-opening this week. We hope you enjoy them too.

On the Path to Migrant Health: Mayra Melendez and Immigration Issues

MCNMayra Melendez was seven years old when she moved with her family to Salisbury, Maryland from Lima, Peru in 2001. “My dad came here with an H1B visa, through an employer,” Melendez recalled.

2015 MCN Health Justice Highlights: Thank You, MCN Supporters!

We’re feeling very grateful for the wonderfully vibrant and dedicated community of migrant clinicians that we serve. Thank you for your hard work in the fight for health justice for the mobile poor! Our successes rely on your dedication to serving mobile populations around the country and beyond.

So, before we pull out the stuffing and gravy, we at MCN wanted to share an incredible year of successes in the world of migrant health. Here are our 2015 Health Justice Highlights, in the year so far:

Five on Friday | November 20, 2015

mcn five on fridayStrife in Central America, scholarships for Mexican Texans, and peer-to-peer phone consultation on substance abuse are some of this week’s stories affecting the health and well-being of mobile patients, shared by MCN staff. 

Five on Friday | November 6, 2015

mcn five on fridayThere’s a lot to learn from this week’s list of health justice news and notes, recommended by MCN staff. Which disease will kill 75 million people by 2050? What do immigrants who die while trying to cross the US/Mexico border leave behind? Read on to find out.

Five on Friday | October 23, 2015

MCN Five on FridayThis week’s Five on Friday exposes the many fronts on which the struggle for migrant justice is fought: in detention centers, in health centers, in government offices. Here are the top five recommendations from Migrant Clinicians Network’s staff. What did you see this week that impacts mobile workers?

Blanca Borrega was arrested at her doctor’s office. What does that mean for other immigrants?

Blanca BorregaLast month, Blanca Borrega was arrested at her gynecologist’s office in a suburb of Houston. She had provided the office with identification that the front desk found suspicious, and they called authorities. Borrega lacks authorization to live in the US.

Five on Friday | October 2, 2015

MCNThis week’s post could have been called “A few dozen on Friday” -- there were lots of happenings in the world of health justice for the mobile poor. Here’s a tidy selection of the offered news pieces recommended by MCN staff.

1. Charlotte, Development Manager, noted this Texas Tribune article detailing the opposition in Dallas against legislation for rest breaks for construction workers.

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