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International Work

Zika Outbreak: New Collaboration for Puerto Rican Clinicians

Zika Virus and Migrants: What Do Clinicians Need to Know?

In the Field: Kosrae's Health Needs with Dr. Ed Zuroweste

MicronesiaThis week, Ed Zuroweste, MD, Chief Medical Officer is in Kosrae, Micronesia on a site visit to provide technical assistance to the new Kosrae Community Health Center, in preparation for its first operational site visit by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) later this year.  Kosrae is one of four island states of the Federated States of Micronesia, an independent sovereign nation made up of over 600 tiny Western Pacific islands.

In The Field: The Americas TB Caucus Meets in Brasilia

Americas TB CaucusLast month, as part of the commemorations of World TB Day, Deliana Garcia, MA, Migrant Clinicians Network’s Director of International Projects, Research, and Development, traveled to Brasilia, Brazil to join health advocates and parliamentarians from across Central and South America in the first meeting of the Americas TB Caucus.

In the Field: Environmental and Occupational Health in Puerto Rico

MCNLast week, our Environmental and Occupational Health team headed to Puerto Rico for a train-the-trainer session at Hospital General Castañer, a community health center located in the mountains in the heart of the island, where coffee, oranges, and plantains are grown.  The two-day workshop gave the local health center’s outreach staff training in chemical safety, heat stress, and workers’ rights.  The outreach staff will then train workers in these topics. 

Visiting Scholar: Li Ling

MCNThis quarter, Migrant Clinicians Network is hosting Li Ling, PhD, a visiting scholar focused on migrant health policy and public health in her home country of China.  Dr. Ling is enjoying a multi-month stay at MCN’s main office in Austin, Texas, punctuated by short trips to MCN satellite offices in Maryland and California. 

On the Path to Migrant Health: Peter Mann-King, from Honduras to Pittsburgh

MCN[Editor’s Note: This post is part of our ongoing series which illustrates how young clinicians decided on the path to migrant health.]

Five on Friday | February 5, 2016

MCNHooray for Friday! Here’s something to bring with you into the weekend: this week’s news and notes, from MCN staff, on migrant health and beyond. Be sure to sign up for our blog to receive updates in your inbox.

MCN's Ed Zuroweste in Sacramento Bee: What if we give TB the same worldwide attention that we gave Ebola?

Ed in AfricaToday, MCN’s Ed Zuroweste, MD published an opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee, calling on health authorities to give tuberculosis and its scary mutations, MDR- and XDR- TB, the same worldwide attention and funding that they gave Ebola.  Here’s an excerpt:

In the Field: 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health

MCN Union ConferenceLast week, MCN’s Deliana Garcia, Director of International Projects, Research, and Development, and Ed Zuroweste, MD, Chief Medical Officer, arrived in Cape Town, South Africa for the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health, the annual conference of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

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