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Occupational Health and Safety

MCN Comic: Working with farm animals: Keeping Yourself, Your Family, and Your Community Healthy

How to De-Escalate a Tense Interaction

Partner Spotlight: Alabama State Association of Cooperatives

FAQ: The COVID-19 Vaccine and Migrant, Immigrant, and Food & Farm Worker Patients

Partner Spotlight: Kansas Black Farmers Association

MCN's Marysel Pagán Santana: Devoted to Serve Climate-Impacted Workers, Mobilizing Rural Puerto Rican Communities to Protect the Most Vulnerable

Include the Alias? Skip the Real Name? COVID-19 Vaccination Card Recommendations

Extreme Heat Is a Killer. A New Federal Initiative Prioritizes Worker Health and Safety.

A person wearing protective helmet drinks water

By Kathleen Rest, Executive Director of Union of Concerned Scientists

Heat Kills Workers, Standards Save Lives: MCN Comments on Maryland Heat Standard

Farmworkers & COVID-19: Partnerships to Protect Workers Highlighted in American Journal of Public Health

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