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Occupational Health and Safety

Top Five MCN Resources for National Farm Safety & Health Week

Reaching Hard-to-Reach Workers - Success through MCN and HOPE Clinic’s Partnership

HOPE Clinic training

Immigrant workers confront a long list of risks and barriers in their search for a better life in the US. Employment in dangerous industries, language barriers, fear of retaliation or losing their job, fear of deportation, lack of understanding of their rights, and general mistrust make a population that is disenfranchised and hard-to-reach even harder to reach.

In the Field: Going International with the Seguridad Project

Five on Friday | September 02, 2016

In the Field: Occupational Health for Farmworkers in Kansas

Can you help prevent a death? Tomorrow’s Webinar: Community Health Workers Can Make a Difference in Helping People Stay Safe and Healthy on the Job

MCN Community Health Worker Safety Webinar

[Editor’s Note: Learn more about tomorrow’s webinar and all our upcoming webinars on our Upcoming Webinar webpage.]

Celebrating National Farmworker Health Day!

Newly Updated Clinician’s Guides: How Policy Affects the Health of Farmworkers

Tobacco and Children Don't Mix

New Childhood Agricultural Injuries Fact Sheet: Know the Facts

child on farm with tractor

A child dies in an agriculture-related incident every three days in the United States, and 33 children are injured in agriculture-related incidents daily. Clinicians need to know the facts, so they can relate critical safety information to agricultural families, to ensure that children who spend time on farms and in ranches stay safe.

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