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Migrant Clinicians Network Receives Aetna Grant for Health Education for Farmworker Parents

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From the Fields to the Exam Room: MCN Trains Thousands on Pesticide Poisoning Response

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Pesticide Poisoning in Monterey: What Went Wrong and What Comes Next?

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Pesticide Poisoning of Farmworkers in Bakersfield

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In the Field: Reaching Rural CHWs in Puerto Rico

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Top 4 Reasons To Drop Everything and Read the New Issue of Streamline Now

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MCN’s Top Five Pesticide Resources for National Poison Prevention Week

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It’s National Poison Prevention Week. Agricultural workers are at a heightened risk for poisonings from pesticides -- and clinicians need the tools to be able to best recognize and manage a poisoning. Here are MCN’s top five resources for clinicians.


In the Field: Frontline Clinicians Recognizing and Managing Pesticide Poisonings in Hawaii

Amy K. Liebman and Jimmy Roberts, MD, MPH at West Kauai Medical Center


A Misused Pesticide Killed Four Children. Could This Have Been Prevented?

pesticide label and graveyard

By Alma Galván, MHC, Senior Program Manager of Environmental and Occupational Health

Three Reasons To Read the New Issue of Streamline

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