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Opiod Use Management Webinar Series, Part 4 - Integration of Clinical and Community-Based Interventions to Address Opiod Overdoses

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This webinar will explore how a community-based organization from Kennesaw State University, is working with primary care centers to address opioid overdoses. Our experts will examine best practices for addressing an overdose inside and outside of a clinical setting. This 1-hour webinar will highlight the DO’s and DON’Ts faced during, before and after those critical moments of an opioid overdose.

Learning Objectives:
•Identify best practices for treating an opioid overdose in various settings.
•Review the standard guidelines and protocols for treating an opioid overdose.
•Identify the best practices for communities and care settings working together to treat opioid overdoses.
•Examine how community based organizations work with healthcare centers to treat opioid overdoses.

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