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AAPCHO Webinar: Health Center Strategies for Diabetes Screening and Prevention for Children and Adults

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This webinar will explore diabetes prevention and care strategies across the lifespan.  Presenters will discuss standards of care in the screening and prevention for children, adults, and the elderly, sharing experiences from the field.  Presenters will also engage participants around case examples of successful diabetes prevention programs, adult clinical treatment, and geriatrics care focused on vulnerable populations of children and adults of all ages.  Presenters will connect participants with resources to outreach opportunities and tolls they can apply and adapt for their own health centers.  We also have accreditation units available for those attending our learning series.  Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) units are available with Continuing Medical Education (CME) units pending.  Please indicate in our post-webinar survey if you would like to receive a certificate of attendance.  To register for this event click here

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