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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Girl gets ear examination - thumbnail
By: Luis Retta, Feb. 27, 2019
 By Luis Retta, Health Network Associate[Editor’s Note: Migrant Clinicians Network’s Austin office -- a house converted to office, really -- lies south of the river, with a view of Lady Bird Lake, where for decades, we’ve watched the changing downtown skyline. Right off the kitchen, there are five desks arranged around a room painted ocean blue. Phones are ringing, and faxes are pouring in,... Read More
FonF Farmworkers and Mental Health Thumbnail
By: MCN Admin, Feb. 22, 2019
  Another very busy week here at MCN! We always find a moment or two to share pieces that we think are relevant to our work. Here are a few that you might find useful as well.   Amy shared, “The Mental Health Crisis Hidden Behind Your Grocery Store Vegetables,” which features Javier Rosado, PhD.  Candace: “This article about health care in Nigerian camps for... Read More
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By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Feb. 20, 2019
 Over the weekend, 23 MCN staff members and all eight of our board members gathered in Austin, Texas for a weekend of strategic planning. The meetings, held on Saturday and Sunday with the board and staff together, and Monday with staff only, covered a wide breadth of topics, from the implementation and refinement of our 2018-20 logic model and strategic plan, to the development of a global... Read More
FonF Puerto Rico Rations Water
By: MCN Admin, Feb. 15, 2019
  Today and through the weekend, the Migrant Clinicians Network team gathers in Austin for a strategic planning weekend. While we’re knee-deep in Powerpoints and logic modeling, we hope you can find some time to explore some resources that we shared between ourselves this week:   Alma shared, “Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in US, according to CDC data.” ... Read More
Amy K Liebman testifies for a ban on chlorpyrifos
By: Sofia Carrasco, Feb. 14, 2019
[MCN's Amy K. Liebman prepares to testify in Annapolis in support of a ban on chlorpyrifos]By Sofia CarrascoYesterday, Migrant Clinicians Network’s own Amy K. Liebman testified in front of Maryland’s House Environment and Transportation Committee in support of HB 275 for a Maryland-wide ban on the use of chlorpyrifos, a dangerous neurotoxic pesticide.Liebman, who directs MCN’s Environmental and... Read More
FonF Workers behind valentines day
By: MCN Admin, Feb. 8, 2019
  Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us. Homemade cards with love poems in cursive are the preferred gift over here, but if you decide to go the flowers-and-chocolates route, don’t forget about the workers behind the products. One in 12 flower cutters may be child laborers, reported the Atlantic a few years ago; the Washington Post last year ran an op-ed claiming two-thirds of flower... Read More
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By: Carolyn Chu, Feb. 7, 2019
By Carolyn Chu, MD, MSc, Clinical Director of the Clinician Consultation Center[Editor’s Note: This guest blog post comes to us from Carolyn Chu, MD, MSc, Clinical Director of the Clinician Consultation Center (CCC). Funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and based out of University of California, San Francisco’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, the CCC has... Read More
FonF black history month
By: MCN Admin, Feb. 1, 2019
  One of the consequential migrations of U.S. history (of which there are many) is the Great Migration, when over six million African-Americans left the South in search of better and safer lives. In honor of Black History Month, which begins today, we reflect on the trauma, the health risks, the uncertainty that these Americans faced during and after migration, and the dire situations... Read More
Child getting vaccinated
By: Laszlo Madaras, Jan. 30, 2019
By Laszlo Madaras, MD, MPHAs many of us in health centers and hospitals around the country can attest, we are in the midst of the flu season.  Seasonal flu activity typically occurs between October and May, although flu viruses are around all year. Usually, the flu season peaks between December and February.This year so far, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have already... Read More
Training of Trainers-Rebirth-attendees
By: Sofia Carrasco, Jan. 29, 2019
 Over the weekend, MCN continued their project “Filling the Gap in Worker Training: Capacity Building for Occupational Safety and Health” by holding a Training of Trainers workshop for Rebirth, Inc in Salisbury, Maryland, which is home to MCN’s Eastern Region Office.Rebirth Inc, led by Director Habacuc Petion, focuses on the needs of the Haitian community who are both migrant and permanent... Read More
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