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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Child at border
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 18, 2018
 [Editor’s Note: Today is International Migrants Day. We have a responsibility to those asking for asylum at our borders to provide timely and fair processing, and to assure basic human rights while they await their turn. MCN’s Medical Review for Immigrants helps those in detention with urgent health needs get their medical records reviewed and into emergency care if needed. Support MCN’s... Read More
FonF human rights week
By: MCN Admin, Dec. 13, 2018
  “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.” -- Article 25, UN Declaration of Human RightsThis week is Human Rights Week, which commemorates the UN Declaration of Human Rights, which turned 70 years old on Monday. Almost three... Read More
East Coast Office in Puerto Rico
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 11, 2018
[MCN's Alma Galván, Amy Liebman, and Marysel Pagán Santana met with Acadamia de Directores Médicos de Puerto Rico] “[I learned] the importance of including the needs of the community [in the center's emergency management plan] and the importance of helping the community to build their own [emergency management plan]."-Participant in Mobilizing Communities in Puerto Rico to Meet the Needs of... Read More
public charge affect public health
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 10, 2018
 [photo by Earl Dotter] Today is the final day for public comments on the Trump Administration’s proposed changes to public charge. Despite the proposal not yet being into effect, the consequences are already being felt.“Our health centers are telling us that some people are dropping their insurance,” explained Robert Moore, MD, MPH, MBA, the Chief Medical Officer of the Partnership... Read More
fonf changes to public charge face criticism
By: MCN Admin, Dec. 6, 2018
  December’s colder and longer nights encourage a few more minutes of reading with a cup of tea by the fire. Why not incorporate some health justice readings into those couch cuddles? Don’t forget -- this weekend is your last change to make much-needed comments on the changes to public charge rules. (Not sure what to say? A few staff members have you covered, with their recommendations... Read More
In the spotlight: robert corona
By: Monique Vasquez, Dec. 5, 2018
[Editor’s Note: We’re once again shining a light on our Health Network team: the hardworking people who save lives by assuring continuity of care for migrants with ongoing health needs.  Health Network is our bridge case management program that provides comprehensive case management, medical records transfer, and follow-up services for mobile patients.  Here’s our third installment... Read More
Militarization of Mexican border
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 4, 2018
 Assuring health justice for the mobile poor, including asylum seekers and refugees, starts with an immigration strategy that prioritizes health and well-being. As we’ve seen in recent months, fear has driven policy away from one that is rooted in universal human rights, and instead toward one of militarization on the border. In November, tear gas canisters broke up a crowd of migrants on... Read More
fonf fleeing venezuela
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 29, 2018
  Migrant Clinicians Network is small but mighty. One of our strengths is our geographical reach, with clinician partners across the US and beyond. Our staff are equally as diverse in location. One of our newest staff members in Puerto Rico is watching closely as the island determines how to set priorities in case of the next major hurricane. Our California office, located in Chico, is... Read More
position statement asylum seekers
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 26, 2018
(photo by Karl Hoffman) Yesterday, Customs and Border Protection agents fired tear gas into a crowd of migrants near the Tijuana-San Diego port of entry, after some, participating in a protest, reportedly threw projectiles at CBP agents.  Many young children reportedly choked on the gas and began running from the clouds of gas.As clinicians, we at Migrant Clinicians Network are gravely... Read More
FonF Giving Thanks
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 22, 2018
  Migrant health justice has never been more relevant, more salient, or more urgent. On this Thanksgiving weekend, we send our deep gratitude to the millions of farmworkers who migrate every few weeks to a new farm, to do the backbreaking work required to grow and harvest the staple foods that fill our plates with the tastes, the aromas, the comforts that make up our central memories of... Read More
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