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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Health Network for Babies, Children, and Mothers
By: MCN Admin, May. 6, 2021
[Editor’s Note: Health Network, MCN’s flagship virtual case management system, is a key element of several programs specifically geared to provide care for asylum-seeking mothers or mothers-to-be, and their infants and children. Support asylum-seeking mothers this week with a donation in honor of Mother’s Day through our #LaborOfLove #TrabajosDeAmor campaign, and receive an e-card to send to a... Read More
Long Path to Nationwide Ban: Chlorpyrifos and Farmworker Health
By: MCN Admin, May. 5, 2021
Last week, after years of effort from environmental health and farmworker advocates, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to essentially ban chlorpyrifos, the dangerous neurotoxic chemical. Despite overwhelming evidence of chlorpyrifos’ toxicity, the EPA failed for years to protect farmworkers from the pesticide, which has already been banned for... Read More
Mother’s Day: A Young Asylum-Seeker Needing Prenatal Care, Health Network, and #
By: MCN Admin, May. 3, 2021
This Mother’s Day, support asylum-seeking mothers to get the care they need for themselves and for their babies. Donate to #LaborsOfLove here.Courage comes in many forms. Often, American holidays zero in on depictions of such strength, celebrating ordinary human beings performing extraordinary acts. Catapulted into cultural concepts of bravery, these individuals are held up as iconic models... Read More
Five on Friday: Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 30, 2021
May is just about here – and the crops that define summertime are starting to produce in some parts of the country. That of course means that many migrant workers are planting, tending, and beginning to harvest. Get ready for the warmer months – access our Heat-Related Illness page for a rundown of useful resources like a heat index app, videos for outdoor workers, an archived webinar for... Read More
Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine: Care for Migrant Women Requires Adjusted App
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 29, 2021
After nearly two weeks of looking comprehensively at all the data on vaccines and their potential side effects, scientists made the decision to reinstate the use of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen (J&J) single-dose vaccine in Europe and the US. Other countries are expected to do the same in the coming days.For migrant women ages 18 to 60, who may struggle to complete the two-shot vaccine... Read More
Workers Memorial Day: COVID-19 Lifts Veil on Workplace Hazards
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 28, 2021
[Editor's Note: Today is Workers Memorial Day, established to recognize workers who died or suffered from exposures to hazards at work.]Fifty years ago today, the Occupational Safety and Health Act went into effect. The act aimed to protect workers from injury and illness related to their work. It created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to enforce the safety of workplaces... Read More
FAQ: The COVID-19 Vaccine and Migrant, Immigrant, and Food & Farm Worker Patient
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 28, 2021
Migrant Clinicians Network continues to receive questions from our clinical network on preparing for vaccine distribution to their migrant, immigrant, and farmworker communities. While vaccines have been declared available for all in the US, ages 16 and up, in reality, COVID-19 vaccines remain inaccessible for many people. The dynamic situation does not belie the underlying mantra: everybody... Read More
Take MCN’s 2021 Poll: What Is Changing for Immigrant & Migrant Patients?
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 27, 2021
 A recent study shows that, as former President Trump developed his presidential campaign’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, immigrants and migrants who lack authorization to live and work in the US began to avoid health care. Shortly thereafter, there was an increase in emergency room visits for children from families without authorization. Instead of addressing concerning health issues earlier,... Read More
Five on Friday: Officials Move to Protect Frontline Workers
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 23, 2021
Who’s fully vaccinated and ready to hug a friend (who is also fully vaccinated)? With about half of the US population over 16 years of age at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19, there are new possibilities for our weekends ahead. Please, as you plan for your vaccinated future, continue to wear masks and physically distance yourself while in public spaces – an important part of keeping... Read More
Earth Day: Environmental Racism Persists with Antibiotic Usage in Agriculture
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 22, 2021
[Earth Day is rooted in a tradition of environmental activism and, in the 51 years since its inaugural celebration, has become a microphone to amplify issues in environmental justice. As The New Republic said in 2017, “For those who live with environmental problems every day—mostly low-income, minority, and indigenous populations in America and around the world—every day is Earth Day.” On this... Read More
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