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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Tips for Making the Most of Interpreters and Interpretation Hotlines
By: Robert Kinnaird, Sep. 8, 2021
Interpreters and interpretation hotlines are key tools for clinicians when they do not share a common language with their patients. While interpreters may work full time or part time in the office or clinic, hotlines generally work by passing a phone between the doctor and patient as a third party aids in communication. These means of communication are especially vital in the medical field, where... Read More
Farmworkers & COVID-19: Partnerships to Protect Workers Highlighted in American
By: MCN Admin, Sep. 7, 2021
In 2020, America got a close-up look at the exploitative conditions, lack of basic occupational protections, poor access to health care, and institutional oppression that food and farm workers have endured for decades. These pre-existing occupational factors, paired with the continued operation of these workplaces as “essential,” made food workplaces ripe for COVID-19 outbreaks.“As COVID-19... Read More
Five on Friday: Kids and the COVID-19 Vaccines
By: MCN Admin, Sep. 3, 2021
Happy Friday! Before you head out the door (or, for those working from home, before you wander from the living room to the kitchen) for your three-day weekend, how about reading some news on health justice? Here are five pieces from MCN staff that we found interesting this week – plus a triple weekly win to celebrate the good news that’s out there, and a bonus resource.  Robert... Read More
Nominate a Clinician for the 2021 Kugel & Zuroweste Health Justice Award Before
By: MCN Admin, Sep. 2, 2021
Clinicians serving marginalized communities are stressed. Their work -- serving people who often have overlapping and complicated barriers to maintaining their health and accessing health care -- has always been very difficult and not well recognized. The added stress, uncertainty, and workload from COVID-19 have overwhelmed clinicians, many of whom feel unempowered and overworked. Yet, in a time... Read More
COVID-19 Vaccine Employer Mandates Should Be Accompanied By Basic Protections &
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 31, 2021
In the first year of the pandemic, meat packing facilities, farms and orchards, and food warehouses became hotspots of transmission, as essential workers were required to work through the pandemic, despite a dangerous lack of workplace protections. Now, halfway through the second year of the pandemic, many US employers are beginning to bring non-essential employees back to work. With the FDA... Read More
Five on Friday: Maternal Health Inequities in the United States
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 27, 2021
It’s the end of August! Before you head into the weekend, take a look at these five pieces that MCN staff shared this week. And, of course, one Weekly Win to end the list, to celebrate the positive outcomes of the efforts of our larger network. Have a Weekly Win from your community to share? We’d love to hear about it. Email your recommendation to Claire at  ... Read More
Empathy Can Be Debilitating. Here’s How to Move Empathy into Action.
By: Kaethe Weingarten, Aug. 26, 2021
I have always been haunted by certain kinds of injustices.  Since the founding of Witness to Witness (W2W), there have been many issues that I cannot shake. In July 2019, I heard Columbia Law Professor Elora Mukherjee’s testimony to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, which detailed stories of parents separated from their children for months, with no provision for linking parents/... Read More
Chlorpyrifos Ban Will Protect Farmworker Childrens' Health, But A Full Ban Is St
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 25, 2021
Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the ban of the use of chlorpyrifos on food crops. Migrant Clinicians Network celebrates the long-overdue ban of this dangerous neurotoxin as a step to protect the health of farmworker and rural children across the country.“Thousands of farmworkers and children, including those who just live near fields, will have the opportunity to... Read More
Five on Friday: COVID-19 Variants and Vaccination
By: MCN Admin, Aug. 20, 2021
This Friday staff have shared some serious updates in the world of COVID-19 as well as an outstanding win that MCN staff and others have been working towards for years. The future looks grim, as a new study shared with us by Kaethe highlights projected deaths across the US caused by the Delta Variant of COVID-19. Read more here: Changing Dynamics of COVID-19 in the U.S. with the Emergence of... Read More
Delta Variant & COVID-19 Vaccines: Updated Information and Resources
By: Robert Kinnaird, Aug. 17, 2021
By Robert KinnairdThe Delta variant has become the prominent form of the virus, with around 83 percent of COVID-19 cases in the United States being caused by this more contagious variant. First found in December 2020, this has become the fastest spreading and most transmissible version of the coronavirus in the United States. This variant is threatening to undo some of our progress, but we are... Read More
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