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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

position statement asylum seekers
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 26, 2018
(photo by Karl Hoffman) Yesterday, Customs and Border Protection agents fired tear gas into a crowd of migrants near the Tijuana-San Diego port of entry, after some, participating in a protest, reportedly threw projectiles at CBP agents.  Many young children reportedly choked on the gas and began running from the clouds of gas.As clinicians, we at Migrant Clinicians Network are gravely... Read More
FonF Giving Thanks
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 22, 2018
  Migrant health justice has never been more relevant, more salient, or more urgent. On this Thanksgiving weekend, we send our deep gratitude to the millions of farmworkers who migrate every few weeks to a new farm, to do the backbreaking work required to grow and harvest the staple foods that fill our plates with the tastes, the aromas, the comforts that make up our central memories of... Read More
new study: oral health
By: Ileana Ponce-Go..., Nov. 21, 2018
By Ileana Maria Ponce-Gonzalez, MD, MPCH, CNC, Executive Director, Community Health Worker Coalition for Migrants and RefugeesOral health is one of the greatest unmet health needs of mobile agricultural workers.  Many of these workers lack basic oral health knowledge. In 2017, the Community Health Worker Coalition for Migrants and Refugees launched an oral health education program designed... Read More
Immigrant health in disaster zones thumbnail
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 15, 2018
  How did that happen? It feels like November has just begun, yet somehow we are already just days before Thanksgiving. Before you rush out to buy a can of cranberry sauce, take a minute to read the articles about migrant health, health justice, and more, that we share with you below -- all recommended by MCN staff.  Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health,... Read More
Alma Colmenero
By: Monique Vasquez, Nov. 14, 2018
photo credit: Robert Corona[Editor’s Note: We’re once again shining a light on our Health Network team: the hardworking people who save lives by assuring continuity of care.  Health Network is our bridge case management program that provides comprehensive case management, medical records transfer, and follow-up services for mobile patients.  Here’s our second installment highlighting... Read More
Giving Tuesday Thumbnail
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 13, 2018
Health Network, Migrant Clinicians Network’s unique bridge case management system, saves lives, hundreds of lives, every year. People like Maria*, who needed surgery on her leg after being released from detention, and Phuong, a patient with tuberculosis who traveled back home to Vietnam in the midst of treatment, and Felicia, who stopped her treatment when she arrived in Central America,... Read More
response plan for puerto rico
By: MCN Admin, Nov. 12, 2018
  Happy Friday to you! We made it through another nail-biter of a week in migrant health, and we’re grateful to roll into the weekend at long last. Here are five articles that MCN staff members shared this week that may have been smudged out beneath the election headlines.  Marysel, Puerto Rico Program Manager, shared “Government Lawyer Says Puerto Rico's Hurricane Response... Read More
girl buying fruit
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Nov. 8, 2018
(Photo by Earl Dotter)Top four reasons why Latino patients are good candidates to go plant-basedIn 2012, Dr. Leon and Dr. Carral, who originally hail from Mexico, launched Vegetariano en 21 Días (at in conjunction with Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, to provide free Spanish-language 21-day diet challenge along with online support like information on the... Read More
CSM treats patients after maria
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Nov. 7, 2018
(Photo by CSM)[Editor’s Note: The fall issue of Streamline has reached mailboxes around the country! In this issue, we cover a medical-legal partnership in California that helps pregnant agricultural workers assess their options of medical leave to avoid pesticide exposure. We also learn about how clinicians are addressing their trauma and avoiding burnout by taking the “witnessing” approach when... Read More
Farmworker harvests apples
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Nov. 6, 2018
(Photo by Earl Dotter)Habacuc Petion’s father was working the midnight shift sanitizing at a chicken processing plant when his hand caught on the conveyor belt. Petion’s father suffered a broken hand, and dislocated his shoulder. “If it wasn’t for the other workers who were present, it could have been worse,” Petion recalled. Petion, Executive Director of Rebirth, Inc., has dedicated his life’s... Read More
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