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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Five on Friday: Health Promoters Help Latinos Get Vaccinated
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 9, 2021
Is it Friday already!? This shorter work week has not hindered the flow of articles amongst MCN staff. Below we have shared a few of our favorites. Claire shared this article, featuring MCN’s Amy Liebman: While State of Emergency is Lifted, Some Say Food and Farm Protections Are Still Needed. The article, stresses the need for a move towards legislation that would ensure food and farm... Read More
Heat, Climate Change, and Outdoor Workers: New Clinicians’ Guide to Heat-Related
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 7, 2021
It’s hot – and it’s getting hotter. Climate change is increasing the number of extreme-heat days across the US. This increase in heat is dangerous for outdoor workers, from agricultural workers, to roofers and construction workers, to airport runway workers. It’s also concerning for certain indoor workers who do not have a climate-controlled environment, like some workers in restaurants, packing... Read More
Five on Friday: Latinx Communities Need More COVID-19 Media Coverage
By: MCN Admin, Jul. 2, 2021
This Friday, MCN staff have shared updates ranging from artistic interpretations of the immigrant experience to federal decisions effecting immigration, as well as the latest updates on COVID-19 vaccine research which may influence equitable vaccine access. Kaethe shared this heart wrenching piece by the New York Times which explores the journeys of migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border through... Read More
When My Sister Came Out as Trans, the Political Became Personal
By: Ashley-Michelle..., Jun. 30, 2021
[Editor’s Note: It’s the last day of Pride Month. Here, we offer this personal piece from Ashley-Michelle Papon, MCN Project Coordinator. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual and all gender minority (LGBTQIA+) people form part of all communities, including agricultural worker, migrant, immigrant, and refugee communities. You can find resources for LGBTQIA+ patients at the... Read More
Five on Friday: Heat Wave Threatens Vulnerable Communities
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 25, 2021
It's Friday!! MCN staff have been busy sharing articles with each other this week and we have selected a few to share with you. Kaethe shared this New York Times article with us, Supreme Court Rules Against Union Recruiting on California Farms. The article discusses the Supreme Court decision, made on Wednesday, which limits the power of unions on California farms.Western heat wave threatens... Read More
US-Mexico Collaboration Gets Workers at the Border Vaccinated
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 22, 2021
At the US-Mexico border, the pace of vaccination has depended on which side of the wall one is on. In the US, available vaccines have outstripped the number of people interested in vaccinations. In Mexico, however, vaccines continue to be hard to access. As the pandemic has worn on, Carlos González Gutiérrez, the Consul General of Mexico in San Diego, California, saw an opportunity to build a... Read More
Five on Friday: World Refugee Day 2021
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 18, 2021
Happy World Refugee Day! Celebrated for the last 20 years on June 20th, and just a day after Juneteenth, this day was designated by the United Nations to celebrate the strength and courage of people who felt they had no other option than to flee their homes. This week's Five on Friday focuses on asylum seekers – people who have applied for asylum in the US, whose cases have not yet been reviewed... Read More
Tu voz importa: New Photovoice Project Equips Migrants with Cameras to Share The
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 17, 2021
Sister Zuly, Sister Antonia, and Sister Ana, three participants in Tu voz importa, received their cameras during the first workshop this week.This week, 29 participants gathered for a beginner’s workshop on photography. But this was a particularly unusual photography workshop: all the participants are members of the migrant or immigrant communities in the Sacramento Valley region, they each... Read More
A Celebration of Patricia Juarez-Carrillo's Life Work Improving the Health of Mi
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 16, 2021
Last week, Patricia Juárez-Carrillo, PhD, MPH, passed away at the age of 63 from pulmonary fibrosis. Patricia was a longtime collaborator and consultant for Migrant Clinicians Network, a close colleague to many on MCN’s staff, an effective advocate for migrant and immigrant health, and a dear friend.“She was a fun and positive friend and colleague to work with, and she made significant... Read More
MCN’s 5-Minute Poll: Inform Our Work, Voice Your Concerns, and Win a $25 Target
By: MCN Admin, Jun. 15, 2021
The Trump Administration was regularly cited as a root cause for migrant and immigrant patients to avoid getting the health care they needed – according to clinicians who have taken Migrant Clinicians Network’s poll in recent years. This year is different. The global pandemic hit migrants and immigrants disproportionately, with higher rates of infection and mortality as well as economic... Read More
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