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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

New Article Explores Vaccine Hesitancy Among Mexican Males Ahead of COVID-19 Vac
By: MCN Admin, Oct. 14, 2020
A health fair attendee receives an immunization at the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas. The COVID-19 vaccine may not be ready for initial distribution for many months, but health authorities have begun to prepare for it. In many communities, obstacles and aversion to immunization may increase already-existing disparities in vaccine provision. In a new article, published in the Hispanic... Read More
Wildfires and COVID-19: When Disasters Overlap, Agricultural Workers Struggle
By: MCN Admin, Oct. 13, 2020
Photo: United Farm Workers For almost two months, wildfires have suffocated the Northern California sky. A dry mid-August lightning storm ignited thousands of fires, many of which grew rapidly in the dry late summer undergrowth of forests across the state. By early October, over four million acres had burned in California alone. In some communities, the skies were grey-orange for days on end... Read More
Five on Friday: State Protections Needed for Farmworkers
By: MCN Admin, Oct. 9, 2020
It can be a challenge to select just five pieces to highlight each week, particularly with the speed of the news cycle these days. Here are some of the articles that we bet you haven’t seen yet this week -- and we think you’ll enjoy them and maybe find them useful in your own work in health justice. Pull up a chair, grab some tea, and dive into this week’s Five on Friday: Amy said, "This is... Read More
How Witness to Witness Is Helping Health Care Workers, Parents, and Others Addre
By: Kaethe Weingarten, Oct. 7, 2020
[Editor’s Note: Witness to Witness continues to provide remarkable resources to help us cope with our emotional responses to the pandemic – and the many other stressors in our lives. Sign up for updates on the Witness to Witness webpage to hear about upcoming webinars, new resources, and other updates from Dr. Weingarten.]Although it may feel like the Coronavirus has been with us forever, in fact... Read More
What’s the Impact of COVID-19 on Food and Farmworkers? MCN’s Amy Liebman Joins M
By: MCN Admin, Oct. 6, 2020
The impact of COVID-19 has not been spread equally. Within the exploitative structures of industrial agriculture, farm and food workers have frequently been unable to keep themselves safe on the job and in farm-provided housing and transportation, as the “essential” work continues without sufficient protections or modifications -- no required federal protections for workers have been issued.... Read More
Five on Friday: Healthcare in ICE Detention
By: MCN Admin, Oct. 2, 2020
Almost a half-year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the devastation to the lives of vulnerable populations like agricultural workers continues to grow. This week’s Five on Friday focuses on new data and insight on COVID-19, plus some action to reduce the impact on those who are hardest hit.  Giovanni shared a New York Times article on the impact of the Oregon fires on agricultural workers, “... Read More
Virtual DOT: When A TB Patient Travels Across China, Health Network Steps Up Car
By: MCN Admin, Sep. 30, 2020
Health Network Associate Luis Retta can provide virtual DOT to migrating or traveling patients. [Editor’s Note: Migrant Clinicians Network’s Health Network links patients who are migrating with the health care they need. If a clinician knows that his or her patient will have to move before treatment is completed, the clinician can sign the patient up with Health Network. A Health Network... Read More
Two New Journal Articles Focus on Agricultural Workers, COVID-19, and Ways to Im
By: MCN Admin, Sep. 29, 2020
Two new solutions-oriented article commentaries focused on farmworkers and COVID-19 were published this month in the Journal of Agromedicine special issue on the pandemic. Co-written by MCN staff, both articles reveal the complex realities that farmworkers are confronting as the COVID-19 pandemic and the shaky economy intensify preexisting social determinants of health. Migrant Clinicians... Read More
MCN Position Statement: Testing of Agricultural Workers Helps Essential Workers
By: MCN Admin, Sep. 29, 2020
[Editor's Note: Join Migrant Clinicians Network to hear from frontline clinicians about their successes and barriers to testing the agricultural workers they serve, and talk through the following position statement and algorithm. The webinar takes place on Thursday, October 1 at 1pm Pacific/ 3pm Central/ 4pm Eastern. Click here to register.] In the absence of a national, evidenced-based... Read More
Five on Friday: Farmworkers Receive Hispanic Heritage Award
By: MCN Admin, Sep. 25, 2020
Welcome back to Friday! It’s time to share five articles that MCN staff shared this week with each other – but this week, we highlight articles that are not directly related to COVID-19. After all, lots is happening in the world of health justice, and while many health issues are amplified or complicated by the pandemic, there are plenty of important articles and resources that may be overlooked... Read More
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