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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Project ECHO Migrant Clinicians Network
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Feb. 7, 2018
 A woman with a hemoglobin A1C of 9 struggles to change her diet with so little money, no education on cooking healthier foods, and no markets with fresh food in her neighborhood. Another woman, a migrant farmworker, had just barely gotten her diabetes under control before she moved for work to another state. When she returns a year later, she’s back to the starting point. At the Centers for... Read More
MCN Five on Friday
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Feb. 2, 2018
 Happy Anniversary, Five on Friday! For the last three years, we have opened up our inboxes to share with you the many useful new resources, pertinent news items, and entertaining podcasts that relate to health justice for the mobile poor. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this each week as much as we’ve enjoyed compiling it! Keep sending us your own recommendations… and enjoy your weekend.... Read More
Person praying
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Feb. 1, 2018
 [Editor’s Note: This week, we celebrate the release of the newest issue of Streamline, MCN’s in-print clinical publication. Here, we dive deeper into the article, “Relief: Clinician Tactics to Serve Agricultural Worker and Other Vulnerable Patients After a Disaster.” The issue also covers environmental and occupational health in primary care, farmworker parents on caring for children while... Read More
people standing with clinician
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jan. 29, 2018
 [Editor’s note: MCN’s Deliana Garcia, Director of International Projects and Emerging Issues, headed to Puerto Rico last week (with a generator in hand) to visit our program partners at Hospital General Castañer. She sent us this update from the field. For more on health center funding, read NACHC’s updates at To support our ongoing work in Puerto Rico, please make a donation... Read More
MCN Five on Friday
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jan. 26, 2018
 Another very busy week here at MCN! Yet, we still find time to share pieces that we think are relevant to our work. Here are a few that you might find useful as well.  CDC to Scale Back Work in Dozens of Foreign Countries Amid Funding Worries  Alma, Senior Program Manager of Environmental and Occupational Health, recommends “CDC to Scale Back Work in Dozens of Foreign... Read More
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jan. 25, 2018
 Migrant Clinicians Network prides itself in filling in the gaps when it comes to migrant health.  For almost two decades, MCN’s Institutional Review Board has stepped up to review and monitor research involving mobile, marginalized, and vulnerable populations like agricultural workers, to assure, in advance and by periodic review. This assures that research can move forward, but not at... Read More
MCN Five on Friday
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jan. 19, 2018
 January is National Blood Donor Month. This year’s severe winter weather and a rough flu season have left blood banks across the country with low supplies, as January donations plummeted. Have extra blood to spare?  Go to to find a blood drive near you. On to Five on Friday -- here are five pieces that MCN staff shared this week. What did you read that you’d like... Read More
mother feeds baby by candlelight
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jan. 18, 2018
"Candle of Hope" by Alan Pogue In October of last year, Rosa Maria, a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, was being transported by ambulance from her hometown of Laredo, Texas to a nearby hospital for surgery when the ambulance was stopped at a checkpoint. Border Patrol agents determined that Rosa Maria lacked documentation to live in the US, and followed the ambulance to the hospital.... Read More
Group of clinicians
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jan. 17, 2018
 You probably saw our pop-up window when you reached the website today. If you’re anything like me, you may have closed it before even reading it! This month, Migrant Clinicians Network launched a very short five-question poll -- and we need your help. What’s this short poll about? Last year, we ran a similar five-question poll asking clinicians from across the country if they had seen any... Read More
MCN Five on Friday
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Jan. 12, 2018
 The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. - Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Day is on Monday. His words of wisdom -- now part of our national dialogue for over 50 years -- still bolster our spirits in moments of discouragement. Thank you to all the clinicians in our... Read More
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