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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

MCN Health Network
By: MCN Admin, Dec. 16, 2015
by Kathy Shield, Health Network Intern[Editor’s note: This case study demonstrates how our Health Network team works diligently to assure each patient’s treatment completion. Thank you to MCN’s intern, Kathy Shield, for the thoughtful write-up. Watch short introductory videos on Health Network and learn how to enroll patients on our Health Network page.]In the summer of 2013, Nicholas* was... Read More
MCN Five on Friday
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 11, 2015
Another very busy week! Even with the holidays now upon us, we at MCN are still at full speed ahead, fighting for health justice for the mobile poor. Here is a handful of articles that we at MCN found informative and eye-opening this week. We hope you enjoy them too.1. Claire, Writer & Editor, notes that today is the final day of negotiations in Paris at the UN Climate Summit. Our world’s... Read More
MCN Union World Conference
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 9, 2015
Last week, MCN’s Deliana Garcia, Director of International Projects, Research, and Development, and Ed Zuroweste, MD, Chief Medical Officer, arrived in Cape Town, South Africa for the 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health, the annual conference of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.Garcia co-coordinated a half-day workshop entitled Application of Program Guidelines... Read More
mcn Occupational Safety On the Horse Farm
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 8, 2015
There are pockets of workers all over the country who don’t fall into the typical agricultural worker definition. Dairy workers, for example, are often left out of regulations for agricultural workers; Migrant Clinicians Network has responded with outreach and resources specifically for that population. Here’s another pocket of workers who don’t easily fit in the established categories:... Read More
MCN Health Network
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 7, 2015
This week, Migrant Clinicians Network released the final installation in our video series on Health Network, MCN’s bridge case management program for mobile patients. How does Health Network guarantee continuity of care? We rely on migrant clinicians all over the world, who enroll patients in Health Network and update medical records of their Health Network patients as the season comes to a... Read More
mcn five on friday
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Dec. 4, 2015
At MCN offices across the country, we’re bundling up to keep the December chill out. Our thoughts quickly turn to those who live in homes that can’t keep the wind out -- and to those who don’t have homes at all. As clinicians, we know that such circumstances affect health. This week’s Five on Friday showcases the wide range of concerns we have, and how many circumstances affect the health of... Read More
MCN photo by Earl Dotter
By: Ileana Ponce-Go..., Dec. 2, 2015
In the United States, a hunger crisis is taking place, and it is likely to get even worse. As of 2012, 49 million Americans suffer from food insecurity, defined by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) as lack of access to “enough food for an active, healthy life.” Nearly one-third of those afflicted are children. Millions of those in crisis don’t even have access to food stamps, according... Read More
MCN Mayra on the path to migrant health
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Nov. 30, 2015
Mayra Melendez was seven years old when she moved with her family to Salisbury, Maryland from Lima, Peru in 2001. “My dad came here with an H1B visa, through an employer,” Melendez recalled. “He applied for a green card along the way, but when I was 16 or 17, he found out the green card application had been rejected because one of the lawyers had misunderstood his application… He was rejected... Read More
By: Claire Hutkins Seda, Nov. 24, 2015
How are health centers challenged by referral relationships in specialty care? How are health centers addressing these challenges? We invite our constituents to nominate health centers with innovative approaches to referral relationships in specialty care. Nominees may be featured in a future issue of Migrant Clinicians Network’s in-print clinical publication, Streamline.To nominate a health... Read More
By: Charlotte McCann, Nov. 22, 2015
We’re feeling very grateful for the wonderfully vibrant and dedicated community of migrant clinicians that we serve. Thank you for your hard work in the fight for health justice for the mobile poor! Our successes rely on your dedication to serving mobile populations around the country and beyond.So, before we pull out the stuffing and gravy, we at MCN wanted to share an incredible year of... Read More
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