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Clinician-to-Clinician: A Forum for Health Justice

Workers Memorial Day: COVID-19 Lifts Veil on Workplace Hazards
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 28, 2021
[Editor's Note: Today is Workers Memorial Day, established to recognize workers who died or suffered from exposures to hazards at work.]Fifty years ago today, the Occupational Safety and Health Act went into effect. The act aimed to protect workers from injury and illness related to their work. It created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to enforce the safety of workplaces... Read More
Take MCN’s 2021 Poll: What Is Changing for Immigrant & Migrant Patients?
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 27, 2021
 A recent study shows that, as former President Trump developed his presidential campaign’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, immigrants and migrants who lack authorization to live and work in the US began to avoid health care. Shortly thereafter, there was an increase in emergency room visits for children from families without authorization. Instead of addressing concerning health issues earlier,... Read More
Five on Friday: Officials Move to Protect Frontline Workers
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 23, 2021
Who’s fully vaccinated and ready to hug a friend (who is also fully vaccinated)? With about half of the US population over 16 years of age at least partially vaccinated against COVID-19, there are new possibilities for our weekends ahead. Please, as you plan for your vaccinated future, continue to wear masks and physically distance yourself while in public spaces – an important part of keeping... Read More
Earth Day: Environmental Racism Persists with Antibiotic Usage in Agriculture
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 22, 2021
[Earth Day is rooted in a tradition of environmental activism and, in the 51 years since its inaugural celebration, has become a microphone to amplify issues in environmental justice. As The New Republic said in 2017, “For those who live with environmental problems every day—mostly low-income, minority, and indigenous populations in America and around the world—every day is Earth Day.” On this... Read More
Nine Practices to Cope with a Looming Catastrophe
By: Kaethe Weingarten, Apr. 21, 2021
[Editor’s Note: This article, originally published on Medium last month, was written by Migrant Clinicians Network’s Kaethe Weingarten, PhD, Director of Witness to Witness. In the last year, clinicians across the country have had to work through disaster after disaster, with multiple waves of COVID-19 in their communities, insufficient protective equipment, the startling loss of life, the grief... Read More
Five on Friday: Racism Is a Public Health Threat
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 16, 2021
We’ve arrived at Friday, at last! For those of us with a Saturday/Sunday weekend, you may be eager to head out the door. Before you do, take a look at the some of the interesting articles that MCN staff shared among each other this week – maybe there’s something you missed. Leslie recommended, “Racism is a Public Health Threat, According to the CDC Director.”Amy shared, “‘This Is... Read More
MCN Position Statement: Johnson & Johnson Pause on Vaccinations Is Indicator of
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 14, 2021
[Update: The Johnson & Johnson "pause" has ended and distribution of the vaccine has resumed. Please see MCN's regularly updated FAQ on the COVID-19 vaccine or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine: Care for Migrant Women Requires Adjusted Approach for more information.]This week, federal authorities recommended a pause in administration of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen (J&J) COVID-... Read More
MCN’s Ed Zuroweste Asks NY to Ban Chlorpyrifos
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 13, 2021
[Editor’s Note: Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate pesticide that has been shown to cause neurodevelopmental damage in children, including reduced birth weight, reduced IQ, and delayed mental and motor development for children exposed in the womb. A 2015 assessment by the US Environmental Protection Agency that demonstrated its harm on human health – which should have led to a ban on chlorpyrifos... Read More
Five on Friday: Migration Driven By Climate Crisis
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 9, 2021
MCN staff were eager to share articles covering a range of topics this Friday! Amy shares two articles that demonstrate how the immediate devastation from our climate crisis ripples throughout Central America. Poverty, hunger and complete loss of hope is driving migration.Kaethe shared this article, ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Safety: Side Effects, Risks, Reactions’, which discusses side effects of... Read More
Remembering Mitch Sudolsky: A Legacy of Kindness, Service, and Everlasting Inspi
By: MCN Admin, Apr. 8, 2021
By Ashley-Michelle PaponIn a year punctuated by loss on an unprecedented scale, some departures are, nevertheless, guaranteed to linger longer than others.  This is particularly true with the loss of dreamers and changemakers, the gifted whose time among us may be short, but whose incredible impact will continue on indefinitely. As William James once wrote, “The great use of a life is to... Read More
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