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CRLA Weighs in on Affordable Care Act and Language Access

CRLA provides the Department of Health and Human Services with key recommendations about the importance of interpretation and translation for indigenous communities in relation to the non-discrimination provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Read More 


ICE Issued Clarification on Applying for ACA without Fear

ICE issued a clarification confirming that immigrant parents can enroll their children and other eligible family members in health insurance programs under the Affordable Care Act without triggering immigration enforcement activity.

Myths And Stigma Stoke TB Epidemic In Tajikistan

Although TB is curable and relatively easy to prevent, it continues to be one of the most deadly infectious diseases in the developing world. It flourishes among the poorest of the poor. Tight living quarters, inadequate health care and lack of knowledge all help stoke TB epidemics. Left untreated, tuberculosis can consume a person's lungs, spread throughout the body and eventually be fatal. But ventilation and simple infection control measures can significantly cut the transmission of the airborne bacteria.  

For US Hispanics, cancer top killer, not heart | El Paso Times

Cancer is now the leading killer of Hispanics in the U.S. - the latest sign it's beginning to displace heart disease as the nation's top cause of death. MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer. The Cancer Society journal: Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

A Troubling Rise In Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

NPR story recently on drug-resistant TB, based on a recent Lancet study. By Jason Beaubien, National Public Radio on August 30, 2012.


Rising Rates of Pertussis in Washington State

The State of Washington Department of Health has issued the following message for health care providers regarding pertussis in the state.

Dear Colleague:

Pertussis (whooping cough) is reaching epidemic levels in our state. So far in 2012 more than 600 cases have been reported, compared to fewer than 100 cases in the same time period in 2011. This puts us on track to have the highest number of cases in decades.

How One Hospital Entices Doctors To Work In Rural America

Recruiting doctors to live and work in rural America is a chronic problem. Most health centers try to attract workers with big salaries and expensive homes.

One center in Maine was trying to lure medical students to the countryside for their final two years with the hope that they stick around. The Ashland Health Clinic, a tiny hospital in southwest Kansas, is trying a different tack — a reverse-recruitment model. It's called mission-focused medicine, and it's based on serving problems most commonly found in third-world countries.

A Dozen Cases Of Tuberculosis That Resists All Drugs Found In India : NPR

A Dozen Cases Of Tuberculosis That Resists All Drugs Found In India by Richard Knox.  Published January 11, 2012. 

Infectious disease specialists say there will surely be more cases of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis in India and other countries where cases of TB that don't respond to some drugs are being inadequately treated.


Migrant clinician shares personal experience of caring for farm workers

The DO published Q&A: Eye-opening turn treating farm workers forges new DO’s career path
  Posted Jan. 5, 2012
By Carolyn Schierhorn / Staff Editor 

Summary:  Adam S. Hoverman, DO, describes his expreience becoming a National Health Service Corps scholar and discovering the profound health care disparities that exist and are largely ignored.

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