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Helping Puerto Rico Recover

As the island of Puerto Rico continues to recover from the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, millions of people will be facing new risks and diseases they have never had to deal with at this magnitude. Health concerns range from infectious diseases, traumatic stress, to new challenges with managing diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Families and workers face significant hazards as they return home and begin to rebuild, including black mold, vermin, contaminated water, no sanitation systems, and more. This dire situation is one that most physicians, nurses, and outreach workers in Puerto Rico are not prepared to deal with on this scale.

We at MCN have long-standing partnerships with health centers across Puerto Rico and they need our help now more than ever. As we are responding to their requests for help, we are developing much needed trainings and Spanish-language resources for clinicians on the ground so they can successfully care for their patients as the island embarks on the long road to recovery. With your support, we can begin delivering these trainings in the next few months.

Just as clinicians on the ground need us, we need you. The cost of this project is $25,000 and every gift, no matter how small or big, can help a get a clinician or nurse in Puerto Rico valuable information and support so they can help those in their community. We embrace the powerful sentiment and words of our colleague Dr. Jose Rodriguez, the medical director of a health center in the mountains of central Puerto Rico, “We are a hospitable of the people for the people and no one can stop us of from coming out this darkness.”

Together, we can make a difference and help Puerto Rico rise above the darkness.

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