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Five on Friday: Celebrating Buy Nothing Day

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It’s Black Friday -- or, for many of us, it’s Buy Nothing Day! Today, I have the day off, and I’m working hard to eschew the post-holiday over-consumption impulse. Instead, I might spend the day with family, take a hike in the woods, volunteer at a nonprofit that shares my values, or tackle that craft project I’ve been ignoring. There are lots of guides to getting through the holidays while buying less -- and good environmental and social justice reasons to do so. It’s a tall order (excuse the shopping pun), particularly if you have a young niece or nephew really hoping for the latest and greatest toy. Maybe that’s not avoidable! But many of us are taking today to work on a perspective shift and an aligning of values to help us launch into the season of giving in a healthy and sustainable way. Plus, who wants to spend the day getting trampled while trying to buy a TV? Now, one more recommendation for how you spend your Friday, and we’ll let you go: read some of these articles and videos, offered up by MCN staff!



Woman telling her immigration story


Claire shared this “Humble Perspective” from the PBS NewsHour: “Is The Distinction Between Migrant and Refugee Meaningful?

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2 Stories of Immigration


Got some time? Amy shared a set of five very engaging videos on immigration experiences, introduced by a great opinion piece in the New York Times: “Our failures — and our successes — were due to our complicated humanity, not because of our ethnic or national origins.”

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Theressa shared the recent recall of Ranitidine, an over-the-counter drug offered by many manufacturers. How do we alert patients of recalls or new drug safety concerns? For migrant patients, the question is particularly poignant.


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Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Jess forwarded, “The Long Process of Healing and Recovery,” a reflection by a Chico-based family therapist on the anniversary of the Camp Fire.

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A man unloading a car in front of a home


Weekly Win: For those of us taking the holiday weekend to get a fresh Christmas tree, Claire shared, “A Charlotte Bakery Owner Delivers Bread and Comfort to Migrant Workers on North Carolina’s Christmas Tree Farms.” The baker notes, “If it weren’t for all of these immigrants, this industry wouldn’t exist...There’s not enough hands.”



Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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