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Five on Friday: Migrants in Detention Need Vaccines

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A photo of migrants in the Ursula detention center


We’re wrapping up National Rural Health Week. Our clinician network is spread out across the United States and beyond -- including along some very sparsely populated areas in the countryside. Even among rural areas with thousands of residents, health care services may be fully absent. Rural hospital closures and a dearth of clinicians jeopardize the health of rural residents, both permanent and migrant. A new Texas Observer article shows numerous counties with zero primary care physicians. Dozens of other counties have less than ten. Many of these clinicians, with few local colleagues, are part of our network. What tools and resources do you need to stay operating, despite often isolated work environments? Let us know: On to our Five on Friday, where MCN staff offer up some of the articles and resources we’ve been sharing. 



1 Doctors Offer to Provide Free Vaccines for Detainees


Jess saw the NBC News piece, “Doctors Offer to Give Free Flu Shots to Detained Migrants, Warn Trump Admin. of Epidemic.”

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2 Better Safety Regulations Needed in Dairy Industry


Kate said, “This article demonstrates the need for better safety regulations and enforcement in the dairy industry: “Two Men Drowned in Manure Ponds. And Thousands of Other Farmworkers  Have Died Too.”

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3 World's First Ebola Vaccine


Karen shared the news of an Ebola vaccine, recently approved by the European equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration: “Merck Wins European Approval for World’s First-Ever Ebola Vaccine.”


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4 Spraying Antibiotics Isn't Helping Citrus


Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Claire uncovered an article a few months old, but on a topic of interest to farmworker health advocates and those who read our June article about antibiotics being sprayed in citrus orchards. A University of Florida study released in August found at least one type of antibiotics was ineffective as a sprayed pesticide: “Spraying Antibiotics to Fight Citrus Scourge Doesn’t Help, Study Finds.”

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5 Californians Near Immigrants Eat Healthier


Weekly Win: Jillian sent around this interesting article: “Native-Born Californians Who Live Near Large Immigrant Populations Eat Healthier.”



Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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