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Five on Friday: "Public Charge" Rule Blocked

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A clinician checks someone's blood pressure


The “Weekly Win” is the final of our Five on Friday recommended reads that celebrates a victory in health justice. With frequency, we find ourselves hesitating at our “wins”; some appear more like a step forward after a giant leap back. This week, all of our Five on Friday recommendations focus on incremental improvements, course corrections, and, yes, a Weekly Win that raises a cheer, along with a moment of reflection on our present moment in history. Yet, every inch of improvement, every tiny win, can mean healthier, happier lives for millions of people -- and for this we continue to celebrate.



People brainstorming how to improve health care


Jess recommended a great piece focused on the critical work of Community Health Workers and Outreach Workers in the health of communities: “A Health Breakthrough that Depends on People, Not Drugs,” from Yes! Magazine.

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A corner store in LA, California


Jess also shared, “Bringing Fresh Produce to LA’s Corner Stores Alone Won’t Solve Food Inequality. But it’s a Start.”

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A mother and child lay in a detention center


Amy shared a BMJ opinion piece, which was shared by several staff members: “We Must Speak Up About Government Sanctioned Child Abuse at the US Border.”


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A woman being walked by Border Patrol


Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Amy also shared,  “Honduran Mom Almost Separated From Newborn Allowed to Stay in US For Now.”

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A clinician checks someone's blood pressure


Weekly Win: Del sent around the announcement that the final injunction on the public charge rule has been stayed, meaning that the proposed public charge rule (that Migrant Clinicians Network opposes) continues to be blocked nationwide. Read more at



Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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