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Five on Friday: Healthcare in ICE Detention

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Five on Friday: Healthcare in ICE Detention

Almost a half-year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the devastation to the lives of vulnerable populations like agricultural workers continues to grow. This week’s Five on Friday focuses on new data and insight on COVID-19, plus some action to reduce the impact on those who are hardest hit. 


A farmworker sits in the shell of a home

Giovanni shared a New York Times article on the impact of the Oregon fires on agricultural workers, “An American Dream, Scorched in Oregon.” 

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A person in a hospital bed

Lasz shared a MedPage Today recap, “Study: Less Than 10% of U.S. Population Had COVID-19 Antibodies.” 

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Farmworkers working in a field

Candace shared National Geographic’s stunning photographs and article, “‘It Doesn’t Feel Safe.’ Inside One of the World’s Blueberry Capitals.” 

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A man in mask in detention center

Kaethe shared an article on health care in detention centers, “The Troubling State of Medical Care in ICE Detention.” 

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Farmworkers harvesting in the field

Weekly Win: Alma (in Massachusetts) shared the news out of California: “Gov. Newsom Signs Legislation from Farmworker COVID-19 Relief Package.”



Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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