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Five on Friday: Essential and Marginalized

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Five on Friday: Essential and Marginalized

Health inequities plague our country. MCN works hard to address those inequities and build new systems to bring health justice for all. In our day-to-day work, we share news, resources, and journal articles about health justice to keep us up to date. Here, we share five articles that crossed our desks. Of course, COVID-19 continues to dominate, as the pandemic has laid bare the inequities in our health systems, and this dominance is reflected in this week’s issue of Five on Friday. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, where we share other articles and resources throughout the week. 


workers wear masks working in a warehouse

Amy shared the report, “US Foreign-Born Workers in the Global Pandemic: Essential and Marginalized,” from the Journal on Migration and Security, which estimates the number of immigrant workers in the United States who are employed in “essential critical infrastructure” sectors.

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A model of a heart

Claire shared the article, “Is COVID-19 Primarily a Heart and Vascular Disease?” which rounds up recent studies on the topic.

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a clinician immunizes a patient

Kaethe shared a New England Journal of Medicine perspective piece, “’When Will We Have a Vaccine?’ — Understanding Questions and Answers about COVID-19 Vaccination.”

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A woman wearing a mask and looking sadly out a window

Kaethe also shared the Public Policy Institute of California’s report, “COVID-19’s Toll on Mental Health,” focused on vulnerable Californians. Kaethe noted that “it is interesting that whereas 31 percent of California adults say they have taken steps to improve their mental health since the start of the pandemic, only four percent have taken advantage of online counseling sessions through telehealth.”

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a father with his daughter

Weekly Win: While the pandemic rages on, there may be a small silver lining for those who are privileged to work from home: a survey of 1,319 American adults found that 68 percent of fathers reported feeling closer to their children since the pandemic began.




Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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