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Five on Friday: Farmworkers Receive Hispanic Heritage Award

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Five on Friday: Farmworkers Receive Hispanic Heritage Award

Welcome back to Friday! It’s time to share five articles that MCN staff shared this week with each other – but this week, we highlight articles that are not directly related to COVID-19. After all, lots is happening in the world of health justice, and while many health issues are amplified or complicated by the pandemic, there are plenty of important articles and resources that may be overlooked because of the emphasis on COVID-19. So, here’s our (almost) coronavirus-free edition of Five on Friday, to highlight issues you may have missed this week, with several of them qualifying as Weekly Wins, because good news is too hard to come by.


A farmworker sprays pesticides

Claire shared the New York Times article on chlorpyrifos, “EPA Rejects Its Own Findings That a Pesticide Harms Children’s Brains.”

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Stories for hispanic heritage month title screen

Music to our ears! Alma (in Massachusetts) shared the moving music video story from Pop-Up Magazine of how one band, Los Jornaleros del Norte, serenades detainees at a Los Angeles detention center: A Serenade for the Undocumented

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Farmworkers working in a field

While this one is technically COVID-related, it is good news, indeed, and seemed worthy of inclusion. Laz sent around the NBC News article, “Farmworkers to Receive Hispanic Heritage Award for Their 'Heroic' Service Amid Coronavirus.”

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Fresno State President Joseph I. Castro

Kaethe shared the LA Times article on the new chancellor of the California State University system, Joseph I. Castro, the grandson of agricultural workers: "Cal State Gets Its First Chancellor of Color: Fresno State President Joseph I. Castro.”

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A Dorothea Lange photo of a girl looking out a window

This one is less a “win” and more of a moment to send us off into the weekend. Ed and Candace recommended taking a break and listening to folk music icon Arlo Guthrie reinterpreting "Hard Times Come Again No More” as a collaboration with other musicians. The video features the musicians performing, interspersed with classic images taken by Dorothea Lange.




Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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