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In the Field: Western Forum for Migrant and Community Health

MCNThis week, clinicians and health justice advocates from across the West Coast have gathered in Portland, Oregon for the 2016 Western Forum for Migrant and Community Health. The Western Forum features over 30 breakout sessions, and MCN is proud to co-facilitate three of those sessions, addressing key issues at the forefront of migrant health. 

Five on Friday | February 19, 2016

mcnOur Five on Friday blog posts are always a joyous reminder of how many organizations and individuals are working toward the same goals: health justice, a voice for marginalized populations like the mobile poor, rights for farmworkers... It’s thrilling to hear what other organizations are up to, and how we can lean on each other to grow our movement stronger. Plus, it’s Friday -- that’s a joyous thing, too, for those of us on a five-day work week.

Visiting Scholar: Li Ling

MCNThis quarter, Migrant Clinicians Network is hosting Li Ling, PhD, a visiting scholar focused on migrant health policy and public health in her home country of China.  Dr. Ling is enjoying a multi-month stay at MCN’s main office in Austin, Texas, punctuated by short trips to MCN satellite offices in Maryland and California. 

2015 Year in Review: MCN’s hard work… all on one page

MCN YIREarlier this month, we released our 2015 Year in Review, which highlights some incredible facts and figures on Migrant Clinicians Network’s programs and services and the voluminous and much-needed work we managed to accomplish in just one year.

Five on Friday | February 12, 2016

MCNHappy Anniversary, Five on Friday! It was a year ago this week that we began to send out our weekly recommendations from staff. What recommendation in the last year do you remember most? Here are just a few of the articles that we have been reading in the office this week. 

MCN’s External Advisory Board: Celebrating one year!

MCN EABThis month, we celebrate the one year anniversary of Migrant Clinicians Network’s External Advisory Board, which we established to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, and to give expert advice on community based participatory research and the development and expansion of MCN programs. 

On the Path to Migrant Health: Peter Mann-King, from Honduras to Pittsburgh

MCN[Editor’s Note: This post is part of our ongoing series which illustrates how young clinicians decided on the path to migrant health.]

Five on Friday | February 5, 2016

MCNHooray for Friday! Here’s something to bring with you into the weekend: this week’s news and notes, from MCN staff, on migrant health and beyond. Be sure to sign up for our blog to receive updates in your inbox.

A clinician’s perspective on Zika, plus: “Zika virus: What do we know about it, and how can it be contained?” in English & Spanish

MCNOn Monday, Zika virus was declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization. The ongoing outbreak, which is expected to spread, reminds us of the importance of a thorough medical history, particularly for our mobile patients.

Five on Friday | January 29, 2016

MCNWhile in the MCN offices we celebrated the awarding of the Cares Award to Health Network and the publication of our op-ed on tuberculosis, we kept our finger to the pulse of health

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