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Five on Friday | December 11, 2015

MCN Five on FridayAnother very busy week! Even with the holidays now upon us, we at MCN are still at full speed ahead, fighting for health justice for the mobile poor. Here is a handful of articles that we at MCN found informative and eye-opening this week. We hope you enjoy them too.

Five on Friday | December 4, 2015

MCNAt MCN offices across the country, we’re bundling up to keep the December chill out. Our thoughts quickly turn to those who live in homes that can’t keep the wind out -- and to those who don’t have homes at all. As clinicians, we know that such circumstances affect health. This week’s Five on Friday showcases the wide range of concerns we have, and how many circumstances affect the health of underserved populations, from the taste of TB medication to access to clean air and wild places. 

Does your health center assess food insecurity in pediatric patients?

MCNIn the United States, a hunger crisis is taking place, and it is likely to get even worse. As of 2012, 49 million Americans suffer from food insecurity, defined by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) as lack of access to “enough food for an active, healthy life.” Nearly one-third of those afflicted are children. 

Call for Nominations: Promising Practices in Referral Relationships

MCNHow are health centers challenged by referral relationships in specialty care? How are health centers addressing these challenges? We invite our constituents to nominate health centers with innovative approaches to referral relationships in specialty care. Nominees may be featured in a future issue of Migrant Clinicians Network’s in-print clinical publication, Streamline.

2015 MCN Health Justice Highlights: Thank You, MCN Supporters!

We’re feeling very grateful for the wonderfully vibrant and dedicated community of migrant clinicians that we serve. Thank you for your hard work in the fight for health justice for the mobile poor! Our successes rely on your dedication to serving mobile populations around the country and beyond.

So, before we pull out the stuffing and gravy, we at MCN wanted to share an incredible year of successes in the world of migrant health. Here are our 2015 Health Justice Highlights, in the year so far:

Five on Friday | November 20, 2015

mcn five on fridayStrife in Central America, scholarships for Mexican Texans, and peer-to-peer phone consultation on substance abuse are some of this week’s stories affecting the health and well-being of mobile patients, shared by MCN staff. 

Chronic kidney disease of nontraditional cause: Emerging issue and call for your participation

MCNIn 2013, Migrant Clinicians Network created a working group in response to a growing concern throughout Mesoamerica: Why are young men coming into emergency rooms and clinics with cases of chronic kidney disease with no known risk factors? And, critically, is this disease prevalent among migrants to the US? Now, we are asking your help to answer these questions.

In the Field: Ricardo Garay Brings Health Network to New Mexico


Last week, Ricardo Garay, MCN’s Health Network Manager arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for multiple presentations and meetings at the Midwest Stream Farmworker Health Forum, followed by a clinical site training to a New Mexico hospital on Health Network.

Five on Friday | November 13, 2015

mcn five on fridayWe’ve had another very busy week at MCN. Here are some updates from the world of public health and health justice that we thought you’d enjoy, chosen by MCN staff members.

1. Claire, Writer and Editor: Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day, where we work to make healthy eating a right, not a privilege. Check out the World Diabetes Day website for more. 

Announcing: Streamline Autumn 2015

Our fall issue of Streamline, our quarterly clinical publication, is hot off the presses! Download the new issue and view dozens of back issues here. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the content, in this video abstract produced by Tiffy Daud, our Graphic Designer. 

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