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Health & Safety Regulations

Long Path to Nationwide Ban: Chlorpyrifos and Farmworker Health

EPA Weakens Pesticide Standards; Endangers Health of Rural Communities

MCN’s Liebman and Dr. Madaras: Health Disparities, Barriers Increase Farmworkers’ Risk of COVID-19

Farmworkers load a truck

By Noel Dufrene, Communications Manager, Migrant Clinicians Network

Fortalecimiento de capacidades en salud ocupacional: Campesinos sin Fronteras y la Ventanilla de Salud de Yuma, AZ

Campesinos sin Fronteras

Por Rose Guerra, Betsabe Ruiz and Idolina Castro

What’s the Impact of COVID-19 on Food and Farmworkers? MCN’s Amy Liebman Joins Marylanders to Discuss

Call to Action: Protect Maryland Farmworkers from COVID-19

La asociación médico-legal del condado de Monterey sienta las bases para una coalición extensa y sin precedentes de líderes agrícolas, defensores de trabajadores agrícolas y proveedores de servicios de salud.

We’re not blaming the elderly. We’re not blaming healthcare workers. So why do we accuse essential workers for being sickened and killed by COVID-19?

Meat processing plant workers

By Amy K. Liebman, MPA 
Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, Migrant Clinicians Network, Salisbury, MD 

Worker Safety is Safety for All of Us

A worker on a processing line at a poultry plant
Photo by Earl Dotter

By Amy K. Liebman, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, Migrant Clinicians Network

Masks for Fires: Kathryn Conlon, PhD, MPH Analyses new California Emergency Wildfire Smoke Regulation For Outdoor Workers

A construction worker wearing a mask and protective equipment
[A construction worker wearing a mask and other protective equipment. Photo by Earl Dotter ] 

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