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Infectious Disease

New Article Explores Vaccine Hesitancy Among Mexican Males Ahead of COVID-19 Vaccine

Farmworkers in the field with heavy smoke in the sky
A health fair attendee receives an immunization at the Mexican Consulate in Austin, Texas. 

Wildfires and COVID-19: When Disasters Overlap, Agricultural Workers Struggle

Farmworkers in the field with heavy smoke in the sky
Photo: United Farm Workers 

Preparación para el otoño: el importante trabajo de mantener a los pacientes al día en sus vacunas en los tiempos de COVID-19

A child receiving a vaccination

Por Laszlo Madaras, MD, MPH

What’s the Impact of COVID-19 on Food and Farmworkers? MCN’s Amy Liebman Joins Marylanders to Discuss

Declaración de posición de MCN: las pruebas a los trabajadores agrícolas ayudan a los trabajadores esenciales a mantenerse seguros y saludables.

Virtual DOT: When A TB Patient Travels Across China, Health Network Steps Up Care

Luis Retta, Health Network Associate, on a virtual call
Health Network Associate Luis Retta can provide virtual DOT to migrating or traveling patients. 

Two New Journal Articles Focus on Agricultural Workers, COVID-19, and Ways to Improve Health and Well-Being

Statement: Community Health Workers, Outreach & Education Must Be Front & Center to Support Immigrants & Migrants When COVID-19 Vaccination Arrives

COVID-19, the Immigration Health Surcharge & the UK’s National Health Service

Dr. Zuroweste, TB Expert, Calls for Increase in Public Health Resources as COVID-19 Draws Resources Away from TB

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